La Salle University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


I believe my school is best known for the men's basketball team, and their nursing program. The nursing program has over 1000 undergraduate students, one of them being myself.


Our school is best known for its business school, nursing program and basketball team


i believe its best known for there academics and being a catholic school.




I think La Salle is best known for its quality of education, particuarly in the liberal arts and nursing field. The school of Arts and Sciences is very large and has many different options to choose from. Most of the professors have a terminal degree in their field and are very easy going and approachable. I have heard good things about the nursing programs as well, but have not experienced it first hand, as I am not a nursing major.


La Salle is best known for its Nursing program, Psychology program, and its Business school. Many of the students that attend this school are enrolled in either of these programs, and many companies surrounding Pennsylvania know the work that La Salle students put in to these areas. La Salle also has a very good track team as well as a women's rugby team.


I would say my school is best known for its school of business and communications. Business was my original intended major for this school but I ended up changing it to comminications because I love the staff in that department and everything that is offered.


Nursing and Communications Program


La Salle University is best known for two things: sports and academics. La Salle is a Division 1 sports school, so the majority of the student body spend ample time watching/playing sports. However, when class begins, there is a quick transition from athletics to academics. The professors are very educated and experienced individuals who work endlessly to maintain the students' interests in the subject. Likewise, most students are very focused on their academics and do well in staying motivated.


Our school is first and foremost a Christian Brothers School. The student body connects with the Brothers on many levels. Some of them live in the dorms, others are professors, some are there as depressesion or drug and alcohol abuse counselors and the rest are there to serve the La Salle community as best they can. La Salle is also known for their athletics with many student athletes running around at all times and lastly La Salle is known for their Inter Fraternity and Sorority Council and other organizations that volunteer and support school spirit.


It is best known for being a rather small but respected school that turns capable adults out into the world. It is not revered for certain sports or academic prestige but it is a good school that offers its students a well rounded education and the ability to intern in the city.


La Salle University is best know for its rigorous academic curriculum and its ties to the surrounding Philadelphia area. Students who attend La Salle are encouraged to participate in many of its clubs and organizations, many of which participate in community service events.


Basketball, Soccer, Greek Life, Clubs for everything you can think of. We are a big nursing school and buisness school but the communication department and psychology department are excellent.


Losing Football games and eventually giving the program up. And they got a cow stuck inside the dorms once.


They are know for thier sports and liberal Arts majors