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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?




Alot of people are really nice. SOME staff is another story,especially the security working in the dorms and people who work for student housing. One woman...her CA duties has gone completely to her head. She's very nasty to the students. She fails to realize that we pay her.Another misconception..Philadelphia is dangerous and there is nothing to do. Ive grew up in Philly so ofcourse I'll know where to go to have fun and that doesnt involve drinking etc. Fun like shopping,sight seeing, shows etc. People who arent from around here like to go to south street and think they have fufilled their Philadelphia experience. NOT TRUE. the danger thing, I'll be the first to say that Philadelphia as a whole is not dangerous but the campus sure is. The one block stretching from the church to the cafeteria is safe but you also have people coming up from the neighborhoods looking around etc. There has been many security alerts this year and LaSalle can do alot better with that. People have continuously been robbed until recently when they arrestted two people after some uproar. That is one of the main things I do not like. But I do walk around during the day and early night (on campus) and I feel safe majority of the time. I have not encountered any danger myself. Their dorms suck...that is true but there is also a few that are nice. I would suggest tearing them all down and rebulding but ofcourse they wont do that. Alot of my furniture has to be as old as the dorm I live in which was built in 56. I also have a curtain for a closet door which I think is strange. There are a few dorms that are fairly nice but they rate who gets them on a point system so better get straight A's if you want to have air conditioning in your room.