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La Salle is close to Philadelphia, so there are plenty of places to go off and explore! Also, it is very diverse here and you meet a ton of new people!


La Salle has a great reputation and has an excellent falculty. You become extremely close with all your professors and fellow students. Considering that La Salle is a small school you feel very connected to the school. Not all schools are this privledged.


They are going BROKE BROKE BROKE, they will do anything to get your money, the tuition is going UP UP UP and the professionalism and quality of the school is going DOWN DOWN DOWN. Go somewhere else ! dont let them fool you with that bogus $2000 scholarship


LaSalle places a big emphasis on the mission of our patron saint. There are numerous ways to get involved on campus, and we have a great percentage of service-oriented activites.


This school was the only school which I applied to that allowed me to double major in computer science and math within four years. Since it is a Catholic school, it provided me with the kind of resources that would nurture my spritual needs and interests. The small campus and enrollment size provided me opportunities to be in many activies and make me feel more like a person than a mere number.


The biggest thing that drew me to La Salle University was their Television Station. I am a Mass Media Communication major and I want to learn my craft in an amazing station. La Salle has afforded me that opportunity.


I love the big city and the surrounding. The people and the opportunity to succeed.


Small, and everyone gets along.


Small class sizes, closer relationships between professors and students


La Salle University is a small intimiate school that allows students to have small class sizes. Professors are very interested in the success of the students and always make themselves available to help them along their way.


public transit routes run along the main road allowing easy access.

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