La Salle University Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I had known more about the location and it not being very convenient to get downtown and other places. I also wish I had known about the extreme lack of diversity within the student body and especially within the faculty. Lastly, I wish I had known more about the volunteer opportunities from the beginning.


I wish I would have realized how expensive it is.


La Salle is a slightly small school. I wish I knew what to expect when walking around campus before I starting going here.


I wish I was prepared mentally for the amount of work that I am being given. At times it can be overwhelming, but there is always help available.


I wish I had known that i couldn't afford it, although i am in love with la Salle it is a bit expensive and I would've choosin more wisely.


I would like to have known what kind of teachers I was to face. It would have been helpful to have a schedule that listed the teachers that taught the courses I was to take. It would have been nice to have a comprehensive rating tool of the the teachers that I could reference to make better decisions regarding which teacher I would prefer and whose style would work well with me. Then I could make excellent choices.


I wish I would have known how hard it was going to be covering the expenses for this school. La Salle is a great school but because it's private I was not able to get any state money for going there.


I wish I would have known the area a little better.


I knew everything there was to know.


how much the school does not help me with my learning disablity.


Not Sure


I wish that I had known that most students go home on the weekend, resulting in boredom or studying on the weekends.


How much it would ultimately cost me. It's not cheap at all.

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