La Salle University Top Questions

What are the most popular student activities/groups?


La Salle has several cultural organizations and basketball is the major team on campus. The Masque (theater organization) and greek live are very prevalent on campus. We have the Explorer Connection and Diplomat in Residence Program that allow several guest speakers to come to campus and lecture on current affairs.


Greek Life and athletics.


Heavy drinkers (Catholic) the RA's hide in their rooms the RC's hide as well. Not much to do on campus but drink or get high. Not very good speakers at graduations, La Salle has no pull. They do have pretty good trips. You can join bus trips to different cities or all over Philadelphia and its burbs. Most of the time you can find yourself staring at a wall if you arent into drinking or getting robbed when going outside.


No football...but I think the rest of the activities such a rugby and such are pretty big. There is barely any diverity among Greek life either.