La Salle University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about our school is the surrounding area in which our school resides. The campus is very nice, but no so much as the areas immediately off campus. However, the security does a good job patrolling the area, and the student's safety is not in danger.


the worst thing about my school is finding parking, because the parking lot where we park our cars, does not belongs to La Salle and many times it is closed. if we leave our cars on the street we can get a parking ticket because there is a two hour parking limit.


The worst thing about the school is that it is a little on the pricey side. The school does provide a top notch education, but I get the feeling sometimes that I pay so much money and do not see it being put into the school properly. The food is on the poorer side, the dorms are not in abd shape, but could certainly be fixed up and some of the buildings are in need of renovations; nothing is broken or leaking, but just out dated.


I do not have any complaint ablut my school. The enviornment is clean and safe. The people are very friendly. My proffesors are amazing. Anytime I need help with something I am helped immideatley. There are many different activites to get involved in around campus.


I feel that I worse thing about this school is the lack of student acitivites that they offer. For the money that students pay to attend this college they do not do enough to thank the students. There is very little funding that goes into Spring Fling and for Homecoming the school's main focus is to honor the alumni.


The worst thing about La Salle is that if a student lives off campus there tends to be a problem with the students and the locals that live in the neighborhood. Many of the houses that the students live in off-campus sometimes get broken into, so there is a small security problem wich most students take steps to avoid happening.


I think the worst thing about my school is that on weekends it can be very dead because many students live close to the area and go home for the weekends.


The lack of assistance for those with learning disabilities. The department is very small for those with learing disabilities and the funding is little to none, therefore those with an LD do not get the help they need.


The neighborhood. Locals are rude to students and vice versa.


shuttle buses, not very convenient location for students without a car, dangerous neighborhood


The area my school is in is not the safest area of the city. It is sometimes scary walking to the subway when the shuttles are really behind schedule.


The shuttle system! It's supposed to be at each stop every 15 minutes, but it's been known to take over 30 minutes or more.


Very small, very gossipy, the girls fight too much


A lot of unnecessary courses are required.


I think the worst things about my school are the housing facilities and the computers labs. The printers in the computer lab always seems to be needing service. The bathrooms (although largely the students' fault) could be cleaner. Also, some of the built-in appliances such as the heaters in the dorms could use an upgrade. Point blank, a lot of things in the dorms are old.


The fact that since its in an urban city setting, there tends to be more crime then schools located elsewhere.


the worst thing about lasalle would be the neighborhood.


The limited amount of healthy food options on campus. We're in Philly, but that doesn't mean that we should have cheesesteaks all the time. As an athlete, it is important to be able to get certain foods when I need it. Especially because fried foods, burgers, and pizza are not what I need before a game.