La Salle University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


I think the volunteer opportunities are the best part about the school. They really do focus on service and provide a variety of opportunities for students to participate in it. I attended three service trips to the Dominican Republic through La Salle, and thoroughly enjoyed every one.


The best thing about my school is that programs designed to achieve academic success: Summit and ADP. In the Summit program extra help is provided for freshmen students; the program helps make the transition from high school to college easier.


I consider the Christian Brother and their message of social justice to be the best part of La Salle. I received a good academic education and my department was great, but the social justice message was the most important to me.


The campus is a diamond in the ruff. The surrounding area is very dangerous but inside the campus is nice.


The school has a very successful well known Anesthesia Program that I am attending. It is the most appropriate for me. LaSalle has a great reputation and it has taught me so much already through the program. The best thing about my school is the reputation and flexibility of the classes at the three different campus.


The size and location of the school is probably the best thing. It is small enough that you can get to know everyone you want to know and classes are small, but you get to see a variety of different people throughout the days. The location is right near Center City, so there is always something to do off campus if you decide to take a trip into the city.


The sense of community within La Salle is most appreciated, when stepping on to the campus you feel as if you are at home and almost instantaneously emerged within a new family.


The oppritunity to persue my chosen career path. My chosen field is limited in Universities that have this major.


The fact that it is in the city of Philadelphia is a huge plus. The area is great and beautiful.


Good business Program


The ability to meet new people and have great professors who care about what they teach.


It is in the city.


Friendly people, easy access to center city, and its small. The classes are small, everyone knows everyone else.


The size of the campus and class sizes.


LaSalle Univeristy is great academically.


I consider the professors the best thing about La Salle. They truly want the best for their students, are always available for extra help outside of class, and are supportive in and out of the classroom. Not only do they encourage discussion and voicing of opinions, but they also implore the use of innovative teaching techniques that allow the students to get the best classroom experience possible.