La Sierra University Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


La Sierra University is a school that always welcomes you with a smile and will do anything they can in oder to assure you get the future you are amiming for.


La Sierra University is like one big family that studies together, prays together, plays together; it is a very close-knit community that helps you realize your mission, as part of a private Christian university, to do more than just earn a degree, but to serve other people.


Very diverse, probably the friendliest studentes you will ever meet. Very spiritual and accepting of others.


My school is very open to all, whether they're of a different religion or background, anyone who wants to be there will most likely be accepted.


It is a great campus with very nice teachers and students.


My school is located in a very nice location and it is constructing brand-new buildings


Westmoreland County Community College is a simple community college which provides a great start for students who wants to save money.


It is a humble full of energy with excellent school resources, each classroom consist of no more than 25 students.


We have a great science department and a wonderful business department, however, the school is very religious also.


La Sierra University is a diverse campus that empowers the students to make a difference through their education and spirituality. La Sierra University is a diverse campus that influences those that attend as well as those in the community.


A private university with most of it's emphasis on diversity and the getting along of different peoples and also emphasizing a small classroom setting.


Very religious, but also very biased.


this school is good for the small classroom feel and for making close friendships, but could do a better job at providing more ways for students to feel financially at ease.


La Sierra University is a very diverse, educational and fun enviranment were everyone no matter race or religion can come to gether and make a difference in the world.