La Sierra University Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The curfew. I think that it is absolutely ridiculous. The majority of us are adults, and there is no need for a curfew. Also the required chapels. I understand it is an SDA school, but I still think it should be optional. People have things to do.


The ONLY bad thing about my school is that it is a Seventh Day Adventist based university which means they are super religious, forcing students to attend weekly chapel, and an additional night time service if they live on campus. The school is also vegetarian.


Not Applicable


The cafeteria food maybe. It is almost always the same food, we need different options.


The worst thing is the lack of social clubs and that there is no culinary major or classes at this school.


The worst thing about La Sierra University is that it is expensive.


The worst thing about this school would be the concern that people tend to have for drawing people in. Sometimes it seems that the school is more concerned with the new students than the ones it already has. They are constantly making renovations to make things on campus look more appealing, yet they seem to be overlooking the things that really need to be fixed. The campus is already beautiful, now they should fix the problems that are here.


I feel that the worst thing about my school is how they are so invested in awarding financial aid to freshman to attract them to La Sierra University. Once they have those students in, financial aid is cut from them and used to bring in new and more freshman.


Nothing is bad here at La Sierra University.


Although the campus is beautiful, and has a lot of rich history, alot of the buildings are really old and need to be replaced, such as the girls' dormitories. Also, tuition is pretty high.