La Sierra University Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person who isn't religious. It will drive you insane.


I think that everyone can attend this school, as long as they are determined and focused on getting a further education. Also, they have to be willing to follow their rules regarding worships.


This school is not for people who do not enjoy city life, or religion/spirituality.


Someone who is against Christianity, service, or liberalism.


The kind of students who should not attend La Sierra University are party people. Students who are more interested in the college life, like college parties, than the purpose of going to college which it is to learn, will not fit in. La Sierra has an amazing learning environment and the last thing that will come to mind is slacking off.


I think that everyone should attend La Sierra University. It is a great school for everyone to come to.


Any christian student.


A person who is all about their self and who does not look at helping others as a good thing, but instead as a chore.


Any person serious about receiving a good education.


People who don't believe in God because La Sierra University is a Christ centered University


I dont believe there is a "kind" of person that can and can not attend college. La Sierra is a tough school but at the same time it also is a school that is willing to help others if they think they cant finish of if the person feels lost. Lasierra is a great school to find yorself and is great in letting everyone express themselves in any way.


People who dont respect religious views.


people that dont care about their education and are there just to mess arround, its too expensive


If you're someone who doesn't participate in religious events or just simply not open to them, you should probably not come to La Sierra. If you don't like a small school and would prefer to be in a larger fast paced environemt then LSU is not for you.


If you really don't like rules, and are willing to break them for the sake of your own fun, well either be reall discreet, or don't come, because the rules will be enforced. Another thing is that La Sierra is a Christian school, and so if you have a problem with Christianity, then there's going to be a problem at La Sierra.