La Sierra University Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Knowing what I know now, apply early. Take your SATs the first test date. Do not wait until the last minute because you will miss out on deadlines and possibly not go to the school you of your choosing. Once you are accepted and choose to go to the school you want, research the majors before deciding that what you want to do. Know what you are getting yourself into because college is quick and expensive. Make it worthwhile. Once you start school, don't be afraid. You will find friends almost instantly because all freshman are in the same boat as you. Be friendly. Also college is really different from highschool. No one is going to tell you what to do or when to do it. Be organized and take charge of what you have to do. Be responsible and you will be happy with the results.


The advice that I would give myself is to be more confident in myself and believe in myself. I would also tell my senior in high school self to get a job and a driver's license.


I would tell myself that college is not something to be afraid of. When I was a senior, I was so afraid of coming to a new school, a new city, and a new community where I wouldn't know anyone. I have lived in one city my entire life and moving out of my house was an intimidating and scary experience for me. But I have come to the realization that I am not alone in how I think. I realized that every freshmen coming to this school is going through the same experience as I am. After I have realized this, I told myself that I am going to try my best to immerse myself in my school's many different activities so that I can make new friends and create a community within my school that I am comfortable with. This has been the biggest lesson that I could have learned from my first couple of months in college.


If I could talk to Zaida, the high school senior, I would tell her to enjoy all the "bad moments". College is not always a fun, relaxing and happy place. It can sometimes make you get stressed and drepressed because it drives you to new limits you didn't know you could reach. It makes you feel uncomfortable at times because it pushes you out of your comfort zone. However, after all those bad moments are in the past, life is pretty amazing. You'll start to appreciate all the awkward and stressful situations college life put you through. I would tell her to just breathe and allow college life to help shape the person she is. The transition wasn't smooth, but it was worth it and I don't regret anything college has done to me; it has made me grow so much and I know that's something high school senior, Zaida, would appreciate hearing.


Three things: apply to as many schools as you can, apply to as many scholarships as you can... And that 'you are beautiful'. With all that I've gone through these past four years, I really wish I had someone to tell me those things. People can't carve themselves into tiny boxes like I did: you have to spread a net and see what you bring in. And school is NOT cheap. I wish I had applied to more scholarships so I wouldn't have to worry my mother so.


Senior status Kelsea: I have whizzed back through the portal of time three years. I have come to give you tips about how to make the next critical chapter of your life at college more financially settling. Taking four semesters off of school was a beneficial decision because you were able to learn an ample amount about working life and communicating in a career setting. You strongly developed diligent working habits that will be advantageous throughout your journey through academia and places of employment. In addition to these useful habits you acquired you also obtained abundant amount of cash. You were distracted by negative peer influences and unnecessary material possessions. So continue through with your decision to take a break because when you do enter college you are more prepared and appreciative of the opportunity. One major change could make alter the certainty of your financial situation throughout the start of your educational pursuit, this change requires a concept you will find foreign-saving. You are making about 20,000 a year and have very few financial obligations. Make a practical percentage to put away for savings each paycheck and stick to it.


If I was able to go back into time and talk to myself as a senior I would tell myself to go to Sanford Brown to complete their Veterinary Assisting Program because after high scholl I knew what I wanted to be but I just didn't know of any schools that offer any program for veterinary assisting or technician. So I had spent a semester looking for a college then another semester in community college. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with community college but I feel that I had wasted time to find at great school. I would also tell myself to make sure that I study had and keep up the great work I am doing. Other than that I wouldn't change anything that happened to me. I have learned from my mistakes and problem I had and I am now working hard to finish this program. With that I am proud of what I have done even if it took me longer to do it.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior about knowing what I know now about college life and making the transition, the advice I would give myself is to get a job. I would tell myself to get a job so that way I could have money saved up for a car, to live on campus , and to have money to pay for my school books.


I would tell my self to continue to work hard, and stay focused, and make a plan to what nursing school you wanted to go to.


Hello younger me! First things first, study a lot more! Get in the habit of studying for longer periods of time and not just "looking for the answer to homework or test questions", but actually learn, read, soak it in. For each hour of class time, you're supposed to spend 2 hours of studying. Create good habits, especially good eating ones! You do not want to gain the freshman 15! Learn to have a daily workout schedule because it not only makes you look good, but feel revitalized and refreshed. Socialize! College will be a very social period of your lifetime as you have to not only make friends that will help you through classes and activities, but to make long lasting relationships. Humble yourself because you, yourself, & I won't get you through college.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would tell myself to stay focused and give everything I do my best. I would tell myself to never give up cause anything is possible. Also the school work may take up a lot of your time and get frustrating at times, but stick with it and dont give up. Try your hardest and you will succeed.


My advise as a high school senior and first year college student is learning not to take nothing for advantage. I see each life circumstance as a step toward the development and construction of a strong character poised for success, regardless of the situation. I have refused to give up where some of my friends have and been rewarded for my efforts. Each stumbling block, roadblock, detour or closure serves a purpose and offers a window of opportunity to learn more about myself and the world I live in and will leave me better prepared.


If I could go back to my senior year and give myself advice I would definitely tell myself to build a stronger habit of studying. First of all finishing all of my homework for the next day and, if possible, starting on homework or projects that will be due later on. After, at least taking two hours to review and study the notes taken that day for each class. Also, always reading the chapter for the next class beforehand, to be prepared for discussion or lecture. Finally, another important piece of advice would be to build the habit of reading. These are three major points of advice that I see are very critical in the continuation to higher education. I see it very important to start these habits before college so that the transition will not be too abrupt. College is about being dedicated and giving priority to what is important, and it is always good to be on top of things rather than procrastinating.


I would have gotten a job WAY before college and would have worked as much as possible over the summer to save up for books and gas.


First of all breathe. Yes, you are almost finished with high school and you fought dilegently to get here. You should be proud. Now think. Deep down inside you know what it is you love to do. Stop doubting yourself and go for it. The sooner you do, the happier and more satisfying your college experience will be. I know you're feeling anxious about leaving your friends and family back home, but trust me it gets easier. Much easier. You'll be busy meeting new friends and making memories that will last well past graduation. While your still in highschool, though, there are a few things you should do. 1) Apply to the colleges and universities that interest you. Look not only at what majors and minors they offer, but also at what type of lifestyle and culture they accomodate. Find a good fit. 2) Financial aid. Sounds daunting right? Don't worry, its easier than you think. Fill out the FAFSA and apply for all the grants and scholarships you can find. They're out there, trust me. Finally, 3) Set a goal for yourself and always work toward it. Don't give up. You'll be fine.


Do what you enjoy. Don't worry too much about which major or classes to take. Learn practical things. Leave options open. Have fun. Be healthy.


Nothing. My parents always pushed me to my limits. Ever since I learned about college I made sure everything I did during school some how will help me in college. Being the first generation in my family to actually attend college set a higher bar for me to become successful. Throughout high school my goal was to get good grades so I can attend college and prepare myself on how college is going to be by taking hard classes. There is nothing I can think off that I should have done differently.


If i could go back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, i would give myself a lot of advice. I would tell myself that college is very different than high school. That the teachers aren't behind you making sure you have done our work. That eveything is left to you to complete. I would say to myself that college is fun, and it is very easy to be distracted. I would also tell myself to make sure that I go to all my classes, and that I can't be missing as much as I did in high school. If i could go back in time to give myself advice as a high school senior, Would give myself a whole lot of different advice, but what i would say is the most important is not to procrastinate.

Gaea Jamine

Gaea Jamine Umalil, my dear, apply for as much scholarships as you possibly can ahead of time in order to reduce the debt you may have. Also, make sure to not forget about Mathematics, you will need it in your placement test. Trust your instincts and it will guide you though life.


I would tell myself to go to withdraw my application from the University I attended after graduation and spend a year or two at my local community college. I learned that the quality of college experience and education relies more on the student's effort than the school in so many ways and that community college better prepares most students for the extra challenges of 4 year Universities. While many people may look down on community colleges, the education I received from my professors, classmates, and co workers in my time there has drastically changed my goals, my ethics, my ability to perform well at a higher level of education, and myself as a person. I wish I had realized this sooner.


Believe in yourself, and work every day as if you are the hardest studying student on campus. Don't worry about not knowing what you want to do for the rest of your life, or what you want to study for the rest of your college career. Just go into college and study what interest you the most, its OK to figure it out along the way. Just make sure as you work through college, you have a goal and you work towards the goal. If the goal changes along the way its OK. Just be sure to work towards something and if you do, you will achieve the greatness you are hoping for. Lastly, do not worry about working while in school. Focus on your education and if you need to take school loans, thats OK. Get the scholarship and grants you can, then focus on your studies. I worked through my first three years of college and it was very difficult to stay awake during class. During my last year I was taking all my upper division scinece classes and did not work and it was very easy. So save the work for after college.


I believe that the most valuable experience I have gained while attending La Sierra University is the importance of helping others. It does not matter where I’m on campus there is always someone helping somebody else. From professors to students, students to professors, even faculty, we are a family and we enjoy helping each other. I was also lucky to see this through the SIFE (Students in Free Enterprise) team. As we work on projects for competition, we help others in our community and even in third countries such as Haiti. Our passion to help is not so that we may win a trophy, but so that we may be able to make a change in the world; we strongly encourage others to do so as well. We believe that by helping others we may create a butterfly effect and help the world become aware of the situation others live in. I can truly say that being here in LSU has increased my understanding of the value of helping those in need. I can truly say that LSU has changed my life, and now I can help make a change in the World!


I believe with the education I have recieved I can "hit the floor running". The college is very hands on experience and I enjoyed the courses, and since every course taught a different subject I was able to recieve information of all the aspects of the Criminal Justice Major. I believe that every day I learned something new, and the instructors where willing to go over the same subject to make sure that I understood, even if that meant staying a little after class was over. I believe I found my passion in Forensics after taking the course than whati originally went to school for, probation, because of the experience I recieved from that course.


During my time at Laney College I have been pursuing a degree in theater arts, I have acted in one play and have done sound design for another. Gaining this experience of working in a theater as an actor and as a sound designer has helped me pursue my dreams of becoming a future artist in the Bay Area. While attending Laney College I was able to take part of an opportunity that would take myself and fourteen other students to Edinburgh,Scotland to perform our show Polaroid Stories by Naomi Iizuka at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe this upcoming August. To get there we have needed to raise $60,000 for airfare and festival payments. Gaining support from our community has been a challenge, but at the same time a great learning experience. What I have learned from trying to fund-raise all this money is to never give up on my dreams, when it either comes to our large goal or to my own personal goals of continuing my education in theater for the coming years. I will cherish my years at Laney College as some of the best of my life with the experiences it has given me.


At the beginning of every semester I began a new day in a new classroom with new people. I believe that my ability to cope with my surroundings, meet new people, and have a good time learning. I learned that it is better to make friends, rather than acting closed off and shy. Most of all, I learned how to survive. College isn't just a place where I come and go to, only coming to learn and then get out. It's where I lived and interacted. My friends were there and my teachers where there. It was more than just school or college and after I realized that, it became the most valuable experience I could ever have.


Being in college has been the best experience of my life so far. I have people from all over the world, China, Brazil, Mexico, and many more. I have learned to be more independent and to always believe in myself from now on. I have learned time management; I am a full time student, I play for the softball team, and I work. While doing all of that with school, I still find out to hang out with my family and friends. Without the love and care from my family and friends, I would not be who I am today. It is valuable to attend college because this is the time to learn from my mistakes to help me with my future. I love that I am on a mission with other people who I can relate with in school. School is a place where you can truly expression who you are and what you stand for. Here you are treated with a great amount of respect and I am free to be who I am. Everyone should go to college!


I have found myself with Christ and continue to grow as a person spiritually. The history professors are great, the science professors are great, very friendly and challenging. I've had a lot of support while being on campus, both from friends and from facutly!


What I appreciate most about La Sierra University is their willingness to allow students to make their own life decisions, while providing guidelines and reasonable restrictions to keep students safe. Furthermore, the educational and emotional support on campus is phenomenal. Faculty, staff and administration are consistent in helping students succeed and making their time and experience here worthwhile. Since attending the university I have received a higher appreciation for education and I have grown to value knowledge more than ever before. I find myself excited to open books and read, because I know that the information I gather will be of great use to me in the future. The knowledge I attain will also empower me to educate others, which La Sierra University encourages everyone to do. Giving back to the community and countries abroad is a major emphasis on campus and students that partake in these opportunities are well equipped for the position.


Attending college has been a very valuable but a roller-coaster ride experience. I always wanted to work in the medical field so I started with NOVA, but the process was too long and I needed to work in order to cater for myself at the age of 18. Whiles working, I came across a brochure that ECPI College of Technology sent me and I thought that I could maybe register in the Practical Nurse Program in order to get a head start in my medical career as I originally planed. I started without a car, but with hard work and favor, I obtained a car after a few months of struggling. I then I had to take a leave of absence after a few months because I needed to pay a sum of money and I could not. I, however, went back this fall and things have been stable. There's still a lot I have to pay so that is why I have applied for this scholarship. I am a girl wiho wants to make a difference in her life and in others so please help me to make the difference by accepting my application for this scholarship.


Success. The one word that is most highly sought after by all human beings on the face of the Earth. The one word that describes, in fact, the base desire and goal of every person alive. The success of a baby is merely to be born, the success of its mother to give birth. Success is defined by a toddler to grow it's first tooth or to take it's first step. Later on in life, success takes on a different meaning - to learn, to grow, to experience new things, to make a name for one's self, to enjoy living. For a student, to succeed means to pursue and attain a higher education. College for me opens doors that I never even realized were there before. As a shy former-homeschooler with five siblings and not too many friends, attending college has been challenging in the sense that I must meet meet rigorous academic standards. I have done so, and have learned so much about myself- that I want to be a teacher and share the joy of learning about mitosis and the Constitution and algebraic functions. I have tasted my success in college... the success of learning.


Going to college has been the best thing i have ever done in my life. I would have already had at least two degree's by now, but i hit a little detour. I joined the Army and did that for 8 years, so that is why i am still in school at my age. College has shown me how people can help on another at any age, and how it is like a community within a community. I am not only gaining the knowledge that will help me in my career, but i gaining valuable friendships that will last a life time. It also helps that the people responsible for teaching me are some of the brightest and caring people. College has given me the tools to be really successful when i finally start working as a nurse, but more than that it has taught me how to really care for people.


I've leaned how to be a responsible human being. I've learned that education is very valuable and that if I want to get the best out of this experience I must work hard and remain focused. I've also learned that with a good education, I can achieve all my goals in life.


My college experience is full of ups and downs. I've been through the stressful final weeks and the daily quizzes of science classes. But I have also been through the feeling of getting everything done and off my shoulders by completing and getting everything done on time. La Sierra University will always be known as my first college that I have attended and it will probably be the best. LSU was the beginning of my college life, where I continued to build my character and beliefs. I believe that I will forever carry and cherish what I have experienced there. Not only are the classes valuable but the friends made in the classes last a lifetime. You experience something different in each class: in english class you learn to voice your opinions, in Anatomy class you learn different ways to memorize within your groups, in math class you learn to do your homework in class and learn from the lecture at the same time. Each class at La Sierra has given me the opportunity to find ways of how to do well in that class by myself. LSU is a great school to attend and is of great value.


In the short time attending a university it has been a great experience. I have learned that things you want in life don't always come easy. You might just have to work hard to get to the point you want to reach. For example while you sit in class and listed to the teacher lecture you must take what information he is giving you and understand it in the best way you can. It has also shown me that if you try to slide by you may not make it the real world. You should be prepared for anything that happens to you good or bad.


im currently not enrolled in school yet.


I was accepted into Shawnee Community College as a Junior in high school. Since then, I have accumulated nearly a third of the required 64 credit hours to earn an Associate's Degree. SCC offers dual-credit courses through the high school I attended. Without these classes, I would be starting from scratch most likely in the Fall of 2010. I also took a Psychology telecourse in the Spring 2010 semester. During the Summer 2010 semester, I am signed up to take a Bookkeeping class online and Sociology as a telecourse. SCC offers transferrable degrees; this allows students to get a jump start on their education, without the high tuition of a university and lets them make the transition from full-time high-school student to full-time college student a lot easier by staying close to home for the first couple of years or so. Since I took advantage of this opportunity, I can graduate in only one year with my Associate's of Applied Science degree and continue at the university of my choice.


My college experience has taken me out of my comfort zone and forced me to tackle challenges I otherwise would not have attempted on my own. These challenges have helped me grow both as a student and as a person and prepared for me a future full of high expectations and quick deadlines. I will be forever greatful for the opportunities my education has afforded me and anyone who helped me along to way to persuing my ultimate career destination.


I have learned the valuable skills of time management. This has helped me with my studies and has allowed me to do stuff that I like to do. I have grown with my personal values and stuck with them.


I had both of my boys at a young age and was unable to provide for both of them without the help of others. This is the main reason I decided I had to attend college. Attending college has been the best thing I could have done for both myself and my kids. I can now provide the best possible life for my family without the constant struggling and depending on others to fulfill my responsibilities as a mother. Its the best feeling in the world to know your kids will always be taken care of.


My college experience has enabled me to grow internally not only intellectually but also emotionally. I have learned and trained my mind to higher levels that I never knew I could done if I had not attended college. I am fascinated by learning and continue to obsessed with new technology in programming and art, as well as business trends and theories I never new existed. I also have found that through my college experience, I have discovered myself in terms of leadership, friendship, growing my self-esteem and confidence, and trusting others. I have had wonderful professors who come to work daily hoping to teach the future leaders of America. When I saw their enthusiasm, I became even more excited and felt more responsible to earn my education as an investment in myself. I am truly grateful for having the opportunity to learn because so many children and young adults as well as older adults do not have this opportunity in third world countries and even in America. I want to take my skills and concepts I've learned and help make America and the world better.


I have met some really nice people. I have learn more about my future career as a chiropractor. Its been a value to me because instead of staying at home doing nothing I was doing something to make sure I have a better future. I haven't got much out of my college experience so far cause I've only been there for two quarters but I am sure the longer I attend the more I will get. I am already thinking about doing some social work later on and am sure I will do more work as I spend more time in college. From my college experience so far I have realize that I want to do something to make the world a better place and I probably will learn how to change the world the more I stay in school.


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would definitely have some words of wisdom to say. Being a university student in my sophomore year I believe I have come a long way from being a senior in high school. Moving over two thousand miles away from home allowed me to become more independent. It made my skin thicker, but not before I became extremely homesick. I would tell myself that the transition from moving away to attend college would be my biggest challenge because it was against myself. I would also tell myself maybe to enjoy the college life more. I was so absorbed in my academic life that I believe I let some social aspects fall aside. Yes studying is very important but college is also about living in the now, and have some fun. Looking back now, I can see how much I've grown over two years. So yes I though the transition was difficult it was well worth it to see where I am now.


The first thing that I would tell myself is "Remember what you are working for." I have had some challenges in my life, and money was often times an issue. I have had to miss out on different oppurtunities because of money. In high school, I did okay. I could, however, have done a whole lot better. I would tell myself, "Don't settle for just a B in that class. Strive for an A." Grades make a huge difference in how much schools offer you. I would also tell myself to get more involved extracurricular activites. Colleges love to see that you are involved with different things. I was involved in high school. I was Senior class president. But there was much more that I was capable of. The last thing I would tell myself is, "Jawon, keep applying for scholarships!" I would explain to myself that just because I didn't win these scholarships, doesn't mean I should just give up. I don't want to keep burdening my parents with the stress of helping me come up with money for school. "Keep pushing, Jawon. It will all be worth it in the end."


If I was to go back in time to give myself some advice, i would tell the following: First, i would tell myself that take as many electives or classes that i would like regarding my major. Second i would tell myself to study hard on my math and english classes to get a good grade and not have to take a a low english or math class in college. Third , i would tell myself to use flashcards when studying for exams. And finally i would tell myself to look for scholarships and apply because u may never know when u need money for school, because the school that you may want to go could be really expensive.


Do not change anything that you did during high school, but try to spend some more time with your friends and keep a good relationship while you can.


Pray!!! College is going to be the most horrible and wonderful experience you've ever had. You will miss out on many things being away from your family, but you will gain many new experiences and friends for life. You will get homesick, you will cry, you will miss birthdays, people will die, but even still you need to stick with it. Also talk to your professors, they are people and will be concerned for your well being. They want to see you succeed probably just as much as you want yourself to. Socalize, despite how shy you are, the people are friendly and want to know more about you. A couple of weeks before school ends for summer break, start packing, you will not want to wait till the last minute, because there is no way you will finish before checkout. Stay focused, take notes and STUDY!!! Oh and just because you get money from financial aid does not mean you should go spending it randomly. And there is no food better than a home cooked meal so eat at home as much as possible. And avoid fast food, you will definitely get enough of it in college. SMILE!!!


I would tell myself to make more research on schools rather than to stick to one, and to make sure that each major is different and none of them even if you think there easy there all hard but at the end it is worth it. Also to always keep moving forward.


If I were allowed to see myself as a senior in high school, I would at first look at me and see the changes that I've undergone in just one year. I'd take my younger self by the arm and begin preparing to inform me how college is, and how different it is from high school. I would probably joke around with myself, saying that college isn't really my thing and not waste my time in going; just something to break the ice. I would probably fail at this seeing as how I am very bad at keeping a straight face though. I'd explain how college life is no walk in the park, like many of us daring to embark on that step know by now, but I'd want that message above all to sink in: it is NO walk in the park. Basically I would do everything in my futuristic power to show that college, although enjoyable, nurturing and valuable to learn more about one self is not an easy feat. It requires more than simple essays and eagerness. It requires strength to want to accomplish something, and make something of someone's life.


I would tell myself to work harder on my essays and research papers. I do not believe high school prepares you fully for that, I even went to a pre school and I still was not prepared for the types of papers I was going to be writing in college. I would also remind myself not to worry as much, though college is not like high school, it is not something to be scared of. People have gone through college many times, also there will be people there to help you. However, my brother and I are the first to go to college in our family, so it was a new experience for us all. The last advice I would tell myself is to be prepared for all the opprotunities that one could get. There is so much one can do in college, like traveling abroad for example. Be prepared to live your life to the fullest, save your money, have fun, and learn about many different cultures, religions, and people.


Make sure you look at your interests. Don't make base your college choice on where your friends might be going. the best thing for you might not be the best thing for them. When you separate yourself and spread your wings you'll come into your own and discover who it is you are. Choose a school that will benefit you socially, academically, and mentally.