La Sierra University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


The best thing at my school are the professors and the staff that are involved in the Criminal Justice program. They show you that they care and they are always there to help in any way that they can.


Since the school is a private university, the staff is very attentive to all the students' needs. Freshmen are provided with an academic counselor who checks up on the student's grades, and how they are doing. If students have any questions, the counselors do their best to answer their questions. Also, the classroom sizes are small so the teachers get to know the students better. The staff and teachers try their best to provide the students with the best education opportunity as possible.


The beautiful campus, the atmosphere of higher education... To me, La Sierra represents a new beginning. After my abysmal experiences in high school and the community college I received my Associate's from, I think attendance at such a prestigious academy will do wonders for me.


What I consider the best thing about my school is that it is private . The great thing about La Sierra University being a private school is that students do not have to fight for their classes or worry about taking them at a later time. The classes would always be available with enough room for students who need them, when they need them.


Having been born into a Christian family, where upholding moral values was a priority, I seek out and appreciate other places where the emphasis is on Christian morals and values. I owe my approach to life and achievements thus far to a strong base and belief in the Christian faith. My orientation growing up was to live a purposeful and service-filled life as a humble and loving leader. I am especially interested in maintaining this orientation and strengthening it so that I may better understand and thus cultivate a life that is focused on purpose, service and leadership.


This school cares about its students' needs and interests. Classes such as snowboarding, scuba diving, and novel writing are offered even if only a handful of students attend. It is also easy to get the classes that you want and the registration process is simple.


Open-minded education, Christian morals, and personal encounters


I believe that the best thing about this campus is its people. Faculty and students are very courteous and loving. It's heartwarming to know that when walking through campus people will smile and greet you even if they don't know you. Also, because when help is needed they are there to help instead of judge. I've had an experience where I fell due to black ice on the road, students who were around, rushed to help me. They were all worried and seriously concerned about my injuries, this is something very rare to find at other schools.


Everyone is encouraged to and does express their individuality. In addition there are many opportunities to become involved at the school and in the community. The faculty, administration and staff also promote developing a stronger relationship with Christ and Christian living. The business department at the university is very strong and prepares so many students to enter corporate America.


I consider the small population the best thing about my school, La Sierra University. It gives me more one on one time with my professors.


In the shhort time of attending La Sierra university i would say the best thing is the small class sizes. it is a greater advantage and you have more flexibility with the teacher and students. the small classes let the teacher get to know the student more than one who has over a hundred students. when you go to the teacher and ask for help they will be familiar with you. also, you get to know people and you may have them in other classes. lastly you can be confortable asking questions and get a betyter explanation from the teacher.


I like how on weekends you can go out and hang with your friends at the beach for a beach vespers.


Westmoreland County Community College has the best pricing and have a large variety of classes to choose from.


This school is very friendly. The people here have a genuine concern for other people, and are always looking to make new friends. The people at this school, faculty, students, staff, and even the cleaning people look out for one another and are willing to help when it is needed.


Class room attendance because the less students are in the class the more there is one on one with the professor.


The community at La Sierra University is the greatest assest to the students. I find that all the people and friends that I have met there enhance my experience and make me able to reach my goals.


The best thing about my school is the diversity of the campus. There are many different cultures and ethnic groups at my school which allows the students to build relationships with those that are different than them selves. My school also has a lot of unity. The students and staff work together so that our campus can be one and make a difference in society.


small classes for better access to teachers




The best thing about my school is that everyone is very friendly and the class sizes are small.


There are many biology professors that care about their students and are willing to better their education. They do everything possible to help students pass with the highest grade. There are also some administration workers that go out of their way to help a student get orgainzed once admitted.


The friendliness of staff, professors, and workers.


The diversity, there is just so much at La Sierra that its amazing. Another thing that I really enjoy is the Christian environment here.


i think everythoing about my school is good, from the learning environment and expectation that is put on us as students that encourage us to d o we have to do in order to get out of school on time.


We are ranked as one of the most diverse campuses in Southern California - everyone's represented here: White, Black, Latino/Latina, Asian, International Students etc.