Labette Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Labette Community College is a wonderful 2 year college to obtain the degree you've always wanted or just to get your basics to go onto a 4 year University. The professors there are great, they are there to help you and that is evident in everything they do. This is my second time I've been at Labette Community College and it was definitely a choice out of preference. The Nursing Program at Labette is outstanding; they are one of less than 10 colleges in the United states that have their Nrsg teachers accredited


Any person can attend this school. There are alot of scholarships to any school. There is a better advantage at a Community College due the enrollemnt is smaller. I feel that I have learned alot in my experience at LCC. I would recommened a smaller school to anyone. There is a sense of belonging here.