Lafayette College Top Questions

Describe how your school looks to someone who's never seen it.


Small liberal arts schools for those who love to explore their own identities.


You might get distracted by the natural beauty of the campus. The stately old buildings, the glass-and-chrome facades of the newer ones, the gently rolling hillocks and the sea of autumn leaves that blanket the sidewalk -- you might think you're walking into a glossy brochure, but this is everyday life for the Lafayette student. You'll also find small classes and vivacious students, engaging professors and fun peers who can toss a Frisbee one minute and get down to CHEM 204 in another. You'll find intensely intellectual conversations in the middle of Upper Farinon dining hall, and doodles on the desks of the engineering lecture hall. You'll find all kinds, and you'll fit in anyway.


The Lafayette campus is one of the nicest I have ever seen. It is located on a hill on top of Easton, PA, so the campus is a bit removed from the city life, but it isn't too far away. There are a handful of local restaurants on the hill that are great to eat at, but there are also plenty of options on campus. My favorite time on campus is fall, when the leaves change colors and the temperature is just right!


Lafayette College is the ideal college because of its location, appearance, proximity to big cities like Philedelphia and New York City, but it is also fantastic because it offers the best of science and liberal arts.


Lafayette College is a beautiful little community on top of a hill where everyone comes together to bring out the best in people.


This is what the quad looks like after a decent snowfall (I was hoping for more).


Here is a look at Watson Courts, Zeta Psi Fraternity, and the William E. Simon Center for Economics and Business.


Here is a view of Lafayette's best attribute, its campus, and more specifically the quad.


This is a different view of South College along with Van Wickle Hall and the Chapel.


Here is a view of Marquis Dining Hall, DU Fraternity, and a couple residence halls.


It is a really great community atmosphere with a lot of activities to do and clubs to join. It has something for everybody. The campus is gorgeous and small enough to walk around without taking a long time. The people here are very friendly and the professors are extremely intelligent and helpful. It is very easy to get help when needed. The is infinite opportunity for everybody.


Lafayette can be very academically challenging depending on your major.


Strong academics and a focus on learning provide a constructive atmosphere while still allowing for fun on the side.



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