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Lafayette College is a small liberal arts school with huge resources, with teachers who will teach and guide and be your mentor, and friends who will bolster your spirit and give your intellectual rigor a run for its money.


I love Lafayette. I have truly enjoyed my years here, mainly because it is so easy to get involved and meet new people. The academics have benefited me greatly and I will never forget my time here


I love Lafayette. I have truly enjoyed my years here, mainly because it is so easy to get involved and meet new people. The academics have benefited me greatly and I will never forget my time here


Lafayette is a small school (2,400) completely dedicated to undergrad students. Despite it's size, it is a Division I school that competes in the Patriot League. It is also unique because even though it is a liberal arts school, it has a very strong engineering program. Due to all of these factors, students feel like they are apart of a community, not just an academic institution.


Everyone on campus really cares about everyone else, from the teachers to the students to the staff. One thing that I really like is how freshman are treated so that you are comfortable and are sure to make your own friends before having to deal with anything else. The buildings on campus are all really nice, and the scenery, especcially in autumn, is gorgeous. There are lots of things to do if you do not wanna drink, and we are located close to Philadelphia and New York if you want to take a day trip via bus.


We have a great engineering program at Lafayette that the majority of students enrolled are focused in. Also, we have one of the oldest, if not the oldest, football rivalries with Lehigh University.


Before coming to Lafayette, I was at a high school lacrosse game, talking to alumni that were freshman in college. They asked me where I was going and I said Lafayette. They said “That sucks, man”- they had been to Lafayette for a weekend. After a month of being at the school, I realized that they couldn’t have been more right. It really does suck. I don't feel connected to anything at all. The thing is, there are so many people who share this same sentiment. It’s not only me. It is a widespread feeling. Some people just can’t act on it, leaving I mean, because they are restricted by scholarship money and financial aid. If they leave, they won’t be able to pay for college. And that’s what keeps them here: money. Not because they truly want to stay. This fact, and it is a fact, doesn’t bode well for the school spirit or a tight-knit community. Also, you can get caught up in a bubble. I will not let myself get sucked into that bubble. The longer you stay here, the more you lose a sense of real fun and real excitement. Really, there is NO excitement on campus. At least no widespread excitement. Some people like it here, but they are the minority, and I respect their reasoning. But most people, from talking to a lot of them, feel the same way I do. And the upperclassmen that I have talked to said they hated it freshman year. But, as they said, “You find your niche and then it gets better”. That’s a bunch of crap. You just get used to how crappy it is, and once you get used to it, your expectations are lowered and then you are having what you THINK is a great college experience. So, as is quite obvious, I don't have a high opinion of Lafayette. This opinion is widely shared, and I feel like I represent what many students want to say but don't have the guts to say. Please, to benefit yourself, do not come to Lafayette College.


Endless resources for success. Use them because you're paying for them!


Small. Ability to switch between engineering and liberal arts without reapplying. Lafayette has a great social and academic balance.


Lafayette is a small, liberal arts college with phenomenal alumni and faculty.


Size and location.


Undergraduate focus (100%), prof's main work is teaching and research is less important, good school, down-to-earth people, nice place. Expensive, though.


What really appealed to me at first was the ability to pursue engineering in a more liberal arts way. I was able to take more electives in other areas I was interested in and even added an International Studies major to my civil engineering major.


I have never felt unsafe at my school. I feel safe everywhere i go, and never worry about walking at night. however, i feel like my school is outrageously overpriced i i could get the same caliber education for much less. there are a million little expenses that you don't expect and the new editions of book are constantly required for class. there are few money saving options here.


I think what is so unique about Lafayette is the fact that is has such a great academic reputation and has still kept it's small family like atmosphere. It is an amazing experience to have such a close relationship with both faculty and students. I am receiving such a great advantage because the faculty truly acts as if the students are a part of their family. I couldn't ask for a better opportuity to receive an education is such a wonderful family atmosphere.


Somethings I think are very unique about Lafayette is the small campus. Although at first I thought it would be an issue to go to such a small school it has become more of a blessing. I like going to a new class and being able to recognize friends faces. It makes the enviornment more comfortable and gives me a chance to find others to study with.

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