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Is the stereotype of students at your school accurate?


The preppy Mid-Atlantic/New Englander stereotype at Lafayette is true if you're only looking at the surface. Sure, lots of preppy people join Greek LIfe (or crew, or lacrosse, or whatever else it is that "preppy" people do). Sure, you'll find lots of people rocking Northface and J.Crew and A&F on a regular basis. That being said, you'll also find the Tri Delta girl who's a chemical engineering or a Phi Psi guy who's getting published in a national physics review and the football player who's a biology major and loves to talk about film. The more you talk to people, the more you'll realize that they have personalities that go beyond their boat shoes and Longchamp purses.


I do not think this is accurate. I think it is blown out of proportion


I do not think this is accurate. I think it is blown out of proportion


Yes, they are all true.


After only a single semester of Lafayette experience I see that on the average this stereptype is true. However, I've learned that the negative connotation associated with my description is inaccurate. The people here are proud of who they are and their personalities have more depth than that sterotype suggests.


I will have to conduct a survey to make sure these stereotypes accurate.


There ARE, in fact, quite a number of students who do fit that description, however, there are plenty of other students at Lafayette. More importantly, Lafayette has hundreds of clubs and groups that attract students of all interests, all of which are incredibly easy to join. Yes, Lafayette has students who overtly seem to fit the stereotypes, but any interested student need only strike out to a club or group to meet students of all different backgrounds and mindsets.


No. The majority of students that attend Lafayette have eclectic interests and don't necessarily fit into the small-liberal-arts-college stereotype.

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