Lafayette College Top Questions

What is the stereotype of students at your school?


The "preps" and the "jocks." A large portion of the student body does come from upper-middle class Mid-Atlantic/New England areas, and there is a frequent occurrence of boat shoes and Longchamp purses, but you'll also find the students who work 3 campus jobs and shop for clothes at Target and the students who never seem to leave the library or the Acopian Engineering Center because they're constantly studying.


I dont agree with this though


I dont agree with this though


That they are all white and rich and that there is no diversity. I also heard that the parties were lame.


Lafayette students are stereotypically priviledged, preppy, and athletic.


Most of the students here are very easy-going and talkative. There are also a very good number of people who really likes to work hard in their classes. I always think that I am a master in math, however, some of friends have amazed me with their knowledge and skills in mathematics. Since I am a freshman in Lafayette, I really have not much to say. As far as I know, almost every lafayette student has participated in at least one extracurriculars.


That most students are upper class, white, heterosexual, etc.


Too preppy, rich, white

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