Lafayette College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?


What I've enjoyed the most about being at Lafayette College is how it's given me the opportunity to reinvent myself -- or rather, be the person that I want to be. From picking my majors to whittling down my social circle to giving me a plethora of activities/organizations that I could involved with, Lafayette has been more than generous. I would love to see something done about the diversity on campus, especially since I'm a South Asian lower class immigrant from Texas and I don't see a lot of people like me -- which occasionally makes it difficult to find common ground with others, but it's nothing unmanageable. For the most part, I truly love being what I've become since my first day of freshman year -- now a rising junior, an English and Film double major, a Resident Adviser, and a mentor Writing Associate for the College Writing Program.


Lafayette is a great place. I came all the way from Texas and didn't know much about it until I visited here as a senior. I have really fell in love with the place and it has become a home away from home. The academics are great and it is easy to find friends because there are so many ways to get involved.


Lafayette is basically an extension of high school with people you don't know. It really doesn't feel like college at all. When I tell people in my town that I go to Lafayette, they usually respond with, "O, that sucks". I agree with them. This school is way too small, but it's size isn't completely what makes it so boring. The town it's above, Easton, is nothing much of a town at all. I would change a lot about Lafayette, but I don't feel the need to go into detail about it all. I don't really have an opinion on Lafayette's administration except that they should put the morning newspapers in front of the student center again. Because of the supposedly decreasing school budget, they don't have enough money to pay for newspapers. How much do newspapers cost? Not a big deal really, but something I've missed. There aren't really controversies on campus. Students here complain a lot about how boring this place is. Take my advice and don't come here. You'll regret it.


What makes Lafayette special is a perfect balance of academia and social surroundings. Here one could not exist without the other. Common complaints originate from the surrounding area, the city of Easton.


Lafayette College is a small private college that consists of about 2400 student. For me, it is just the right size. With the small number of students in every classroom, I usually have more time to talk to my professor having a leisure conversation or asking some homework question. I personally think that if you are a person that really wants to work hard and gets to know people, Lafayette is the place to be.


I love my extracurricular activities, especially the equestrian team. I think Lafayette is a good size--not so large that it's overwhelming, but not so small that it gets constricting. Lafayette-Lehigh rivalry is always fun (except this year, of course.) The professors here are fantastic and have stretched my mind beyond recognition.


Lafayette is a small college with a big school feel. The student body is small (2,400) so that means small classes, close relationships with professors, and a tight knit community. We have access to New York City and Philadelphia, 23 Division 1 sports, and a huge alumni network - so often Lafayette feels much larger than it actually is. The professors are so accessible and more than willing to help you when needed. The campus is gorgeous and housing is guaranteed all 4 years, so most people stay in the dorms.

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