Lafayette College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


The most frustrating aspect of Lafayette College experience has been the students- for a school with amazing facilities, varied food, and dedicated professors, the unusually high-end aspects of this school are outweighed by a frustrating throng of shallow, racially and characterisitcally unvaried Greek life addicts. For the few of us dedicated to the arts, questioning sexual taboos, and expanding personal horizons, it can often feel like a race against the current.


There really is nothing frutrating aboutLafayette. Anything that is frustrating comes from my own personal issues as a student, it has nothing to do with the school. The personal fustrations that I do face can be fixed through different resources actually provided by the school.


At my school, if someone makes a social faux pas or something similar, the entire campus knows about it the next day. There is too much in the way of gossip and competition among social groups on campus.


The way that people interact on a social setting. People don't date and boys are bad to girls. The social atmosphere is at times stifling and immature.


The rich, white and conservative mentality that infects the entire school.



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