Lafayette College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


While it is difficult to choose one best aspect of Lafayette, I would have to say that the campus' proximity to New York and Philadelphia is a major advantage for students and professors alike. Last year, I was afforded the opportunity to take several school-sponsored trips to New York. I and several of my classmates saw the opera Don Giovanni at the Metropolitan Opera House as part of a music class which focused on Mozart and visited New York City's Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of an introductory art history course.


Lafayette is a small school, which allows for anyone to get involved at any time in their careers. There are so many student activities and groups, which makes making friends very easy for anyone.


I think the strong academics. I also am proud of our strong alumni connects. The professors do a good job of working with the students to make the experience the best it can be.


The best part about my school is the available resources. Students have access to an amazing library, and if you can't find something in there, the librarians are more than happy to help you locate it off-campus. There is also a gym free for all students complete with a weight room, rock wall, and swimming pool. If you want to join a club, there are more than enough groups that you can choose from. There is always something going on in the Student Center or the Arts Center. It is difficult to be bored here on campus.


If you want intelectual discourse outside of class, it is easy to find it. The discussion is very enjoyable, and some students are very enthusiastic.


small classes. individual attention. professor availability. opportunity to do research. these things are important to a liberal arts education and help prepare students for graduate /professional school or a job after college. it also creates a helpful, learning-focused environment that can be taken advantage of easily to help students succeed.


The best thing about my school is the endless opportunities Lafayette has to offer. I love the size, I have gotten extremely close with all of my professors and there is extra help whenever i need it. The community is so loving and friendly and I feel at home when I am there.


The best thing about Lafayette is the close knit community, as I have been able to keep my same friends, while making new ones, over the first year and a half I have attended Lafayette. I feel that through freshman year friendships and fraternity brothers I have made many lasting friends.


Small classes, friendly and intelligent professors, and an extremely strong engineering program make for this ideal school.

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