LaGrange College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


The worst thing about LaGrange is that it do not have many afternoon and weekend attraction. There is no place for student to go on the weekend.


The academic excellence Lagrange is beyond argument, though it seems that the college limits their courses in order to keep the status it holds. For instance, there is no major for "Physics." Furthermore, the "Computer Science" major, includes a "Business Management" path, a "Programming" path, and a "Web Design" path, but it does not include any path geared towards "Infrastructure Design", "Systems/Network Administration", "Unix/Linux Programming and Administration", etc.! The correct action would be to remove the "Web Design" path, since it is basically programming with creative electives, and add a path geared towards administration and network design.


The worst the about laGrange College is the cost of tuition. For a full time student living on campus, like myself, it costs over $30,000 to attend, and some people, like myself, cannot afford that without maxing out federal aid and taking out other private loans.


The worst thing about my school is that they dont have very many cammpus organizations to get involved in


We are required to attend cultural enrichment events provided by the college. Thier perpuse is to intoduce the students to events or experiences that they would not choose on thier own. Even though some are fun we are required to go to 40 to graduate. It is difficult for someone who has a job and a large work load to complete.


The school has a poor retention rate, but that is because the students who leave are unwilling to find their own fun.


There isn't a lot of racial diversity- mostly white and middle-class.