LaGrange College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


People who attend LaGrange college should be open minded, artistic and eager to learn. LaGrange emphasizes learning about new cultures and traditions and going beyond your school curriculum. LaGrange has one of the best library in the world. It is open 24/7 and has numerous computers and supplies one might need to do independent research, write articles for publication or prepare to attend an academic conference. If one is selected to go to a conference, there is a lot of school base funding to help one attended. LaGrange has a huge interest in students academic, personal and professional lives.


Students who are enthusiastic about academics as well as campus involvment should attend LaGrange. Here, these two departments go hand-in-hand. Students who are active in and outside the classroom tend to be more well-rounded, sucessful graduates. Students who rank partying and drinking high on their priority list should not attend LaGrange because it is impossible to do your best and succeed. LaGrange is committed to enriching lives academically as well as extracurricularly and we want students who emulate these desires.