LaGrange College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


ANy one who seriuos about getting a education should attend this school. If you dont want to be in a big crowded class room and want to develop a relationship with your classmates and teachers you should attend Lagrange College.


A person who thinks this school is going to be somewhat of a big party instead of a learning invironment.


LaGrange College has a place for everyone, but people who have to max out federal aid and take out private loans should not choose LaGrange College.


Someone that shouldn't attend this school would be someone that isn't open minded. I feel as though everyone at the school is open and accepting. There aren't many close-minded people. Also people that like the big city because the college is in a small town. You have to be creative to find things to do. Also heavy drinkers since the campus is dry.