LaGrange College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to be be more focused on my academics. I would also tell myself to get more involved in extracurricular activities, and pay more attention in Math class. I would tell myself to love myself and not compare myself to anyone else because I turn out to be a pretty great person. I would also tell myself to sing more, so I would not be too shy to pursue that as a career. Most importantly, I would tell myself "Good job" for all of the things that I did right.


I wish I had paid more attend to what my Mother told me about being aware of different people and their background. There are a lot of people that I found out just there to be there. Be caution about your surround and people.


Honestly, regardless of what I could say to myself, I believe it would be futile. First of all, the person I was in high school would most likely ignore anything I had to say regarding college, but that is not why I choose to deny the opportunity to advise my past self. No, the reason I wouldn't dare attempt to speak to my former self is because there is no advice I could rightfully give him. The person I am today, truly inspired by the chance to educate myself and move forward in life, exists only because the decisions and actions I have taken in my past have lead me here. If I were to go back in time and alter the actions of my past self, I may in fact be accomplishing the alternative and be taking away from the one thing I really need in my life at the moment, which is the motivation to educate myself, better myself, and move myself towards an accomplishing future.


College has shown be life in an broader scope and set me on the path of deep soul searching. It might be true that going to college doesn't distinguish from the crowd as it use to but it is making me a better person.


Make sure you stay focused and dont slack off in the biginning.


I would tell myself that i need to stay focus when I attend college. I would let myself know that I need to be 100{4a082faed443b016e84c6ea63012b481c58f64867aa2dc62fff66e22ad7dff6c} sure that the college I choose fits best for me. Be open . Stay positive! Just have fun and make the best of the next four years because those years are going to determine where you go from there.


I would give my high school senior self the advice that boys are still the name, a couple of months does not change how they are. I would also say to be more outgoing and meet lots of new people. No matter what don't lie about who you are and don't change who you are. And lastly I would tell myself to not go to LaGrange College, because she would have to max out federal aid and take out private loans to pay for LaGrange College.


If I could go back and talk to my self as a high school senior, knowing what I know now about college life I would tell myself to be better prepared and to not expect everything to come so easy. I would also tell myself that I should work very hard but also have time to enjoy what is going on around me and not get so drowned in my work.


I would tell myself that college is completely different from high school. I would tell myself to take more chances and go to more activities offered. I would reassure myself that I will find my own group of friends and that joining a sorority isn't that bad either. I would want my self as a senior to apply for more scholarships and encourage her not to get "seniorites". But most importantly I would stress that college is a place to have fun and discover who you are.


I really wouldn't want to change anything. I think the experiences I've had and the challenges I've faced has helped make me the person I am today. I can go into a job interview and say yes I've been faced with that problem before and here is how I overcame it. Life is a journey best lived.


I would tell myself to stay positive. Since I am going to school in Georiga and am from Ohio, I would tell myself that I need to stay focused and not let distractions from back home interfere with my school work and baseball. I would tell myself that I am here for a reason and that I can do anything that I but my mind to. Apply myself to my greatest potential.


The best advice I could give is to pick a college based upon your interests. If there is something you truly love such as a big city, then you should find a school that is in that area. If you love the atmosphere of a small town then you should go with a school that has a smaller population. Just find a campus that you fall in love with for the area and then make sure it has the activities that you enjoy. College is all about finding your niche so dont settle for a school that you might be able to see yourself going to. Pick the school that you couldn't imagine not going to. Then once you find your school make the most of it. Get involved and give your best effort. More than anything be yourself and you will find people that want to be around you and shine with you. Its all about choices, so dont be fearful of going after what you want. You only get this experience once, so make it all worth the while!


I believe for finding the right college the parents and studnets should visit the school. You can never really know about the school until you visit it.


I would ask yourself first what you want, and then you will have a set of criteria on which to base your decision. I knew I wanted a small school, so I only looked at small schools. Small schools are not right for everyone. It will be four or more years of your life and your money. Make sure they count.


VIsit colleges, attend classes, talk to students, teachers, facuilty, and administrators. Look at the city. Consider the rate at which graduates get hired. Look at the extracurricular life.


To know if a college or university is the right fit, one only needs to see three things on a campus visit. The dorm, the dining hall, and the parking lot. The dorm to determine if one can actually sleep in such a place, the dining hall to determine if one can actually eat in such a place, and the parking lot to determine the fastest way to remedy any problems with the first two. Classes and other facilities can be assessed once the important information is out of the way. Incidentally, making the most out of one?s college experience can be achieved by taking the above advice. Sleeping and eating properly are vital to success in college, so it is vital to be sure a college or university can meet these basic needs properly. Then one can worry about academics.


The secret to receiving the most out of a student's college experience is simple: keep an open mind and self-driven goals. When a student arrives on their college campus for the first time, he or she will be overwhelmed by the academics and activities being offered. It's important to remember that while a student may know what college life looks like prior to arriving on campus, nothing could prepare a student for that first day when they are flooded with countless majors, clubs, organizations, and athletics. One of the greatest aspects of college is that students are given the opportunity to try new things, go new places, and experience a whole new environment. Students should take hold of these opportunities, never doubting their ability or potential to make a difference while enriching their own lives. In order to achieve this, students must establish short and long-term goals in order to stay focused on what they wish to receive from their college experience. The best way to establish your goals? Write them down. Develop an "attack plan" for achieving your goals and make proactive steps towards completing them every day. This is the proven formula for success.


Research and choose wisely


I believe college is an amazing part of ones life. However, while in college it is important to focus on your studies, and you should strive to do your best. When it comes down to picking colleges you should visit many different places. This should be done just so you have a good variety of places to attend. You should focus on the academics, the size of the classroom, the professors, and the standards of the college. The college you choose should be what fits you best, and do not choose to attend a college just because your parents or a friend wants you to attend there.


First off i would suggest that they tell their child that they need to be focused all through highschool because that is where everything really matters. Dont only look at social life, but acadmeics because the education you get and learn from will lead you to your childs future. I wish that i would have had someone to tell me this because I came into college with out a clue of anything. Being confident also helps your child succeed because without faith you have fauilure. I wish you guys the best of luck.