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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Well, i would first of all tell myself to stay in school and get your career finished. You have to be really educated to get anywhere in this world. Then after you get all your schooling done then get you a job in that field and work from there. Then find you a great guy to date and have a relationship and build a family. This is bout is straight forward as i can be with myself.


If I could talk to myself as a senior, I would remind myself to not sweat the small things, such as not having done my best in high school and I would tell myself to give it my all, just as I did, in community college in order to grow and learn and experience from higher education before taking the leap into a four-year institution. I would also tell my high-school self to not lose sight of who I was, and am now, and to believe in myself even when it doesn't seem possible that I could be capable of doing so much better through my own hard-work and dedication. I would also ask my high school self to acknowledge and appreciate every lesson, good, bad, harsh, and otherwise, because sometimes what brings us down helps us rise even higher than before. Finally, I would want my younger self to believe she is capable of anything if she works hard enough for it and to not give up, even if other people don't believe in her ability or determination.


Stay determined, you don't need to rush into a major, work out the basics while you explore your options. It's a mad world out there and there is no need to rush into it unsure of yourself and unhappy with you career. Life is about enjoying what you do, and college is the first major step towards a happy life, enjoy it but don't waste it.


The advice I would give myself would be to be ready to work hard and long hours on projects. College is much different from high school, where as a student in high school homework assignments can be done within a few hours, and college assignments at an art school take long hours, weeks, and a lot of preparation before final projects are due. Competition is another factor at an art college, it is not a field one can easily fit into. I would also tell myself to practice as much as possible. It is difficult to compete when there is someone steps ahead of you, for the reason people in college are at different levels and skills. I would definitely tell myself to assure this is what I want for myself and research art careers before making the jump to a four year college. I often have seen students drop out for the reason the workload can overwhelm. I would also advise myself to have fun, do not overthink, and always expect the unexpected.


Wesley, the next few years will be some of the best years of your life so far, but you will have some very rought times as well. Keep your head up, don't let the world get you down and never forget your dream. When you loose things you thought would always be there, remember that all things work together for good. There is a time for everything under the sun. Save your money in times of increase because hard work is wasted if nothing is saved. Above all things seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Fear nothing, for fear is nothing but the realization of the unknown. Be a willing student, at work, in school, and in life. There is something to learn from every situation and every expirience. The only things worth regreting are mistakes made more than once. Be trustworthy but don't trust anyone who hasn't earned it. Never give up on yourself, your faith, and your dreams. Make goals and remind yourself of them, whether or not you think they are possible. Love your neighbor as yourself no matter what he does to you and remember your dream - change the world.


College is not the easy life! Yes, you have a lot more independence, and you can choose not to go to class . . . but don't do it! Procrastination in not cool, and neither is partying too hard. I know this because I watched many of my friends fail their first semester because they thought it would be a breeze. Well, it is if you follow my advice! If you go to class and do your homework just like a good old high school student, you will succeed in college too. Basically, you have to crack down on yourself and make sure you have your priorities straight and regulate your time. Other thing: take care of your health! I live at home, but it doesn't mean my parents do EVERYTHING for my still (well, they do clean my room and pay my rent), but I am at school for a good few hours and have time to get hungry. My school does not have a cafeteria so I have to think about lunch ahead of time. Go to the market and get yourself a snack (oatmeal, granola bars, some fruit) or pack some of that leftover dinner from home.

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