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Lake Erie College has one of the top Equine Studies programs. This is what drew me to LEC.


Lake Erie is unique in various ways from the history to the classes. The most unique thing that I find at my college is that everyone is so very supportive there. No one is left behind or discriminated upon.


it is very small and hands on.


Lake Erie College is very unique because there is a close relationship with everyone on campus. I had the honor to meet with the President of the university and he made me feel like I have been attending Lake Erie College for years. The relationship you devolp with the people at Lake Erie in such a short time had a huge impact on my decision. Everyone will go out of their way to make sure that you are successful and they know you by name, as opposed to just being another student attending that university.


The small class size and the availablility of professors to meet with you one-on-one and discuss your needs. I love the fact that my professors get to know me personally and take an interest in my studies and my future. You feel like you are part of a family, not just a school.


Had both majors/minors I wanted.




My school is very connected and focused on developing a close bond with classmates and proffesors. My professors go above and beyond when helping their students with classwork or their future plans. The people at Lake Erie College are very friendly, respectable and work hard to help others.


Lake Erie is much smaller than any school I looked at. You get that personal touch you don't find in larger schools. It almost feels like a high school, which can be good or bad. Lake Erie is also a developing and growing school. it is exciting to attend a school undergoing constant change and is not static.


really focused on sports because it brings in a lot of students/money. a good number of on campus activities avaliable. its small so people know others pretty well. our alumni seem to be pretty involved with the school and its current standing.


Lake Erie College is a very small campus with small class sizes, which makes the student to professor ratio lower.


Lake Erie College has one of the best equine programs in the country. I had to find a school with my specific equine major and LEC offered it and more. It is also a small school with small class sizes. It is so nice to have the ability to have a relationship with your professor that actually knows your name.


There is a great equestrian program. The cheerleaders are really good.


The most unique thing about our school (and the reason why many people come here) is for our great Equestrian program and for the low teacher to student ratio. Our school is a very small, tight knit community of students and faculty.


Lake Erie College provides a friendly small campus feel with large cities nearby. With a growing sports program as well as an equestrian center, there is always something to be doing on campus. The size of the school allows you to interact with your teachers and have more personalized time.


Lake Erie is smaller than universities, and it is close to home. The school just seemed something i would want, and the professors seem to really care about the students.


The environment and the size.


Our school is unique because, Teachers are willing to stay and help students more than any other University would. Teachers at this school are determinded to help all students. From personal experience I have a Teacher that does Independent Studies with me we accomplish much more as aposed to a full class room.


Lake Erie College has an extremely sophisticated Equine Studies program that I am a part of. I love the small student-teacher ratio. I get the individual help whenever I need it. The small campus size also gives a great "family" feeling because its easy to know the student body if you are involved on campus.


Lake Erie offers an equastrian degree that none off the other schools I considered had. They also have barns where you can ride the horse and has a equastrian team. Which you dont find often at a college or university.


Lake Erie College has been a great school for 10 years. It has evolved in so many different ways. The school has come a long way from only having aproximately 17 in its first graduating class. We have students from all over the world attending here.


We have a great equestrian program and the small class sizes are great.


what is unique about Lake Erie college is that it gives you a chance to pass the classes. The faculty gets to know the students well enough by names and take the time to help a student with a problem he or she does not understand. And that the kids here get to know one another more and more about each other and where they came from to have a chance at what verity of people that you will meet in the real world.


Lake Erie College is a small school compared to the ones I applied to. I am enjoying the small class sizes because you can really get to know other students and professors. I say "Hi" to professor all the time in the hallways and even at restaurants! They truly care about you as a student. You wouldn't get that at a large unviersity.


I chose Lake Eire over the other schools because of the location, small class size, equine program and the fact that it offered my major. There is a wide variety of students at Lake Eire. Students, including myself, come from far and wide for Lake Erie.


The Equine program is one of the best in the country. Combined with its good reputation and education, its a great place to be, especially for those interested in the equine industry.


Lake Erie College is unique because of its Equestrian program. It is wonderful to be surrounded by other young adults who share a passion for horses. It is even common to see students wearing tall boots and breeches in their regular classes! The Equestrian Center is new and state-of-the-art. Students really get a hands-on approach to the horse industry and cover all aspects of horse and stable management. I would recommend Lake Erie College to anyone pursuing a career in the equine industry, but also to those who aren't!


The size of the campus


Lake Erie College has a 15:1 student to professor ratio. The small classes, career opportunities and dedicated professors make success easily attainable after college.


What is unique is that we have such a great Equine Studues program that can offer many asspects of the Equine World.