Lake Erie College Top Questions

What do you brag about most when you tell your friends about your school?


It is small enough that it feels like a family and you get to interact with your professors. There is also a lot of activites to participate in on campus.


I don't brag. I am looking forward to leaving this spring to attend a different university. I would say I compain more about the lack of professionalism and the low expectations.


I like to tell my friends about the individualized attention, due to small class sizes professors are very involved with their students which makes it easy to keep up and excel academically in any class. Professors are very friendly and understanding of situations whether it be family issues, athletics, injuries or sickness, and it is very important to have your professors supporting you through difficult times.


The thing I brag most about Lake Erie College is their athletic opportunities. Students are invited to walk on to the athletic teams, if they were not apart of the recuritment process.


I boast about the academics. The sports teams are pretty bad and it is impossible to brag about them. The professors I have encourage students to think outside the box and the work together to achieve goals. Most professors hold students to high expectations in the classroom, pushing students to do their very best every single day. As an education major, I understand the importance of motivation in academic settings, and Lake Erie College professors are great motivators. Professors such as Dr. Linda Siegel make learning a true experience, presenting information in several different ways.


I enjoy the class sizes, it is close to home, and I really like my professors.


My position as Black Student Union president and all the positive responses' we've recieved in support of minoritie affairs on campus.


How much fun everyone has working together in the theatre, or art department.


I tell them that Lake Erie College is a small school, so it feels like all of the professors, staff, and classmates are family.


I brag about the small classes and the fact that my program is one of the best in the united states for the field i'm in.


I like to say that my college offers a "real school" experience. Professors and attending students are at LEC with purpose. The goal of giving a useful education for the general success and well being of individual students seems to be at the core of the college's intent. Likewise, students here are intent on receiving such an education. This directive does not neglect the importance of group effort and teamwork which is a crucial part of classroom learning and campus activities. The typical "party life" attitude that coincides with the college experience does not dominate the scene at LEC.


I tell my friends that my school has a lot of diversity. Since I am from a DoD background I find myself surrounded by others from all over the globe.


When I talk to my friends I always brag about how nice the teachers and staff are. I also brag about the wonderful environment that Lake Erie has to offer.


I mostly tell my friends how everyone is very nice around campus and and the learning envioronemnt is great. The professors treat everyone the same and are always there to help outside the classroom. The school is very small so you can meet a lot of new friends every day. Many students are very commited to the school and represent the school in a good manner. It is a great envioronment to learn and meet new people every day.


The equine program and the large barns with the nice horses in them.


I tell them about how much freedom you have, and how much they treat you like an adult. The teachers treat you so differently than they do in high school. Everything is on your own time and you have all this responsibility on you, and college is just exciting all around.


I brag about the Equine Program and how I get to spend time doing what I love everyday, which is horseback riding. I wouldn't go to any other college and I'm so glad I'm at Lake Erie.


How small the class sizes are and how everyone on campus is so friendly and eager to help out thier fellow students.


Small, private campus with engaging and accessable professors.


I brag to my friends about my professors at my college. I brag about this because, this school is so small the professors know mostly everyone. If I'm having trouble in a class I am just able to e-mail my professor or just talk to them after class. As a university you could go one day out of the whole semester and the professor would have no clue. I feel like helps me do better in my classes because they are willing to help.


Very high graduation rate with excellent opportunities locally for graduates.


I brag most about the fact that I am in control of my education at this point.


Small town atmosphere, the professor's


It's a beautiful small campus. The class sizes are perfect, and the professors will work with you to get all the help you need.


I tell my friends about the great classes i'm taking and how i feel more comfortable and involved in Lake Erie College.


I brag about the frequent activities that we have on campus. We do activities that I don't think most college's would think to do.


Nothing, bragging is a character trait I don't possess.


I like to brag to my friends that my school is a private liberal arts college.


Freindly, programs and degree designed for your goals.


Private school. Small classes. Close to home.


We have fun things to do such as an oxygen bar and free massages during finals week.


CLose to home, friendly people.


How the school is updating their buildings and technology, as well as how the equestrian program is growning and developing even more. were they have just built a brand new learning center at the Lake Erie College's equestrian center, and how the Hunt field is being remodled for better use and higher learning. i have great pride in the Lake Erie College Equestrian Program


They best part about the school is the small class sizes and the help you get from the teachers.


The small classes. How beautiful the campus is when it snows. All the people friendly squirels


The variety of riding and horses I get to sit on every year and how networked Lake Erie is. I would not be where I am or have been able to do the things I have done with out the help of those I have met while attending Lake Erie College.


I brag the most about how wonderful my teachers are and how helpful they are.