Lake Erie College Top Questions

What do you consider the worst thing about your school? Why?


A future student will fit in very well if they have plans on playing a sport or being involved in the equestrian program. They make up the majority of the student body


Lake Erie College is too small and boring. In addition, they need to improve on their athletic facilities. I feel we have some of the worst facilities besides our football weightroom. We have to share a field with a high school, and we do not even have an indoor track. Also, students needs to be allowed to BE college students. Lake Erie College tries to take away the fun we have on campus apartments. Student activities on campus also need to highly improve. We only have two fraternities which are very small and not attractive to be in.


my school is alot smaller than some others colleges. This is the worst thing because i do not get to meet as many different people as i would with a bigger school. i think this limits me because i am not surrounded by as many different cultures either. This is the only thing about my college that may be limiting me.


The parking because anyone can bring a car to school and we do not have enough parking for everyone's car at our school. The second issue is that our workout area and gymnasium is not very big and we have a very small pool.


The worst thing about Lake Erie are the dorms; however you can look at it on the bright side, you will become very close with your roommate. The dorms are extremely small and old with a musky smell that lingers. There are universities with better dorms, but throughout my college search I have not visited another university with better hospitality than Lake Erie College.


Financial Aid and some of the teachers...


The worst thing about LEC would have to be that we do not offer any online classes.


The worst thing about Lake Erie College is the some of the food they have. Because you will get tired of eating the same food .


The only thing that is bad at my school can sometimes be the weather. We get a lot of snow at my college and it can sometimes be a hassle.


There is nothing really bad about LEC. I wish it was cheaper, but that seems to be universal.


The worst part about Lake Erie College is the location of the school. There isn't very much to do in Painesville, Oh and it lacks a college feel/experience.


The thing that i consider the worst about school is the campus life on the weekend.


Lake Erie College is quite packed with students from varies of major from Equine Studies to Physical Therapy. I won't say that it's a bad thing to have students from different background major together. Instead that actually identify each student to be it own individual in their studies.


This school tells you that 99% of students recieve finicial aid when in reality the students that play sports go for free and the students that only go there to go to school have to pay full tution without finicial aid.


The hardest thing about LEC is also the best feature. As a small campus we are close but sometimes find it hard to complete our majors in classroom settings and are forced into indpendent studies. Many courses do not have the required min. of students therefore are cancelled and forces us to reschedule without much notice. I have been forced to take several Spanish courses as independent studies because of lack of attendance.


It is quickly becoming a bit too small. There are a lot of kids on a small campus. There are also a lot of students on sports teams so it is difficult to meet new people if you are not on an athletic team.


I love the campus. During all of the seasons, it is beyond words can describe in beauty. The only and one thing I do not like about the campus is the size. I feel like I am in High School because of how small the population is on campus. I love everything about the school including the teachers, the activities, and the student life. I just wish it was bigger in size.


Beacuse it is so small, sometimes problems crop up within certain departments or between two departments. Being a close and tight knit community is good, but it can also harbor problems because sometimes the school isn't big enough to "blend in" when there is a dispute. Everyone knows everything about everybody, and if something happens, you can be sure that the next day, the entire school will know about it.


The worst thing about my school would be where it is located because the weather can be bad and the school is so far away from my home.


The lack of technology.


The way Classes Rotate, and are offered is very difficult and can potentialy put you semesters behind if one wasn't on track from the first semester.


The worst thing about Lake Erie College is that they don't stand behind some of their extracricular activities and there arts program is going dowhill.


I feel that the worst thing about my school, is the lack of educational equiptment. I am a biology major, and the facilities available, and the equiptment we have available to us is very limited.


The worst thing that come's to my mind when thinking of Lake erie college is the amount of parking they have. They are getting a more students into the college with varsity sports but they dont have the room for these incoming students. If they want to make this a bigger college make sure they is room for everyone. When it is night time their is no way you are going to find a place to park at the appt.


There is not a lot of school spirit. Many students do not attend school functions or sporting events to represent their school.


Well, they are renovating a building which has caused a couple of labs to be short on proper facilities. Also, we need more parking spaces!


Limited times that courses are offered.


The food in the cafeteria. I am a very picky eater, i just dont like it. There is not enough variety.


I haven't actually noticed anything terrible about Lake Erie. People are nice and unlike high school nobody seems to be shunned away from anyone.


It's hard to communicate complaints or concerns without getting the "run around" from the faculty and staff.


There are a few things that i feel is below par is the food selection on campus. There is only one dining hall and one cafe store. They either need to extend our meal plan to out side food establishments or extend the hours to eat at the dining hall or cafe. If this were to happen it would improve the flow of the day a lot more then it is now.


I love the school that I am attending, but the worst thing about my school is the amount of space on campus for housing and parking. This school is growing more and more each year and there is not a lot of room to park by the dorms or for class. Also, with housing, the apartment areas are filled and there is not a good chance of living where I, or my fellow classmates, would like to live.


The worst thing about my school would have to be the increase in sports players. While sports bring a large amount of pride and recognition to many schools it can pose a large problem as well. Sports teams are made up with those who are mainly interested in playing their sport and care very little for the well bing of the school. Originally sports players were given chances to go to college as an attempt to help their futures, but these college students must still respect the opportunity they have been given and never waste it through ill behavior.


It's hard to meet people because almost everyone is involved in sports and bond based on that common interest.


Generally, I really enjoy my school. The only thing that I can really think of that I don't completely like is how small it is. Sometimes I wish that I had gone to a bigger school with more things to do and a more diverse group of people.


The worst thing about it would be its size and the lack of privacy I get when attending here.


probably the computers and how slow the internet connection is alot of the time


Sometimes the small size


The extremely low academic standards, which put each of us at such a disadvantage as we compete for jobs in this increasingly unsteady economy. For someone like myself with a desire to be challenged at the collegiate level, I feel incredibly disappointed with the educational opportunities that have been available to me here at Lake Erie College.


We are a pretty small school for all the programs and athletic teams we have. We need to add on there is beginning to be less space to do things on campus. We need to get more land to add buildings.


There are a few things at LEC that are hard for some people. One is the small size. Some people feel it is to small without enough to do, while some people enjoy the tighter community and small class sizes. Right now, I am most unhappy about the cold, cloudy weather, typical of NE Ohio, as well as the prices of books and how little you receive back when returning them. Also, the school is pretty expensive.


Communication because the President only wants people to see what is happening on the outside and not on the inside of the campus. The President concentrates more on the achievement and expansion of sports rather than on education. Our school is made to be seen as perfect, but there are skeletons in the closet like any other colleges. Students do not know what is happening at the school because everything is kept a secret. Students are not notified about any changes that happen to the school.


I think the food is probably the worst thing about this school. It is also really small so if you do not want a small college it is not for you.


Some programs need readjusted.


We just recently switched to a wireless campus and the new system has had a few gliches, so sometimes we are down at very inconvenient times.


The tution is outragious and the president seems to spend all the money on landscaping instead of technology and science equipment.