Lake Erie College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school should be one that doesn't want to be another number, if one wants a more personalized approach to academics and wants to do extra to excel academically, they would fit in well at Lake Erie College. Lake Erie prides itself on being a friendly campus and the faculty and students interact on a daily basis. Faculty understands that college is more that just academics it is about growing as a person and developing into adulthood and they expose one to thinking outside of the box and on the future.


The type of person that will syncronize best with Lake Erie College is someone who likes to succeed while getting personal attention from professors t do so. Lake Erie College is filled with rich tradition while it is always changing like most institutions in order to better themselves. This private college is conveniently located right by the beautiful Mentor beaches and along with the stunning campus is excellent professors driven to teach each and every student to the best of their ability. A student looking to attend this college must be willing to do outstanding.


LEC is really welcoming to athletic students, most of the campus is made up of very fit and driven people.


Only those dedicated to learning and success, for two reasons, because of the fact that the school is on a rise academically and athletically. The other is because you will not survive at LEC without that mentality.


The kind of person that would attend this school would be someone who wants a small campus and personal attention from professors. Students who want to pursue liberal arts and equestrian studies would also come here. Recently, the student athlete population has exploxed because the college is offering more and more varsity sports teams every year in a Division II conference. There are many criminal justice, education, and sports management majors at our college and more majors are being added.


Lake Erie is very athletic and equestrian centered. People in either of those two fields will fit in easily and have their needs and wants met. Students outside those rhelms will feed left out. In my opinion, non-athletes and non-equestians are treated as second class citizens. Students focued on a more classical education may want to look elsewhere. I also advise that students live on campus. Lake Erie is does not meet the needs of commuters.


Someone who is driven tobe able to handle all their academics with a problem; also if they were to be doing a sport they definitely need to be able to make time for academics while doing their sport. A person needs to be a good time manager and willing to do what they have to go get their homework and projects done.


Someone who likes to play sports, and likes to party on the weekends.


Someone that is dedicated to equine studies, since thats the best program they offer, unless you get in on a full scholarship. in that case free is free.


either someone who is planning on playing a sport or someone who has a hard time in big classses


Someone who is self motivated, who does not need to be treated like a high schooler to get their work done, and people who aren't focused on partying.


The type of students who should attend Lake Erie College are : student athletes, students who like small class size, and students who take their academics seriously.


The type of person that should attend Lake Erie would be someone that is determined to succeed and is ready to become an adult. This campus helps you out a lot when you first get there, they help you get your feet wet, but what you do next is all up to you.


This school is open to whomever wants to apply. They are selective but they are open to all students. This school is very nice and the academics are great! Any type of student could attend this school because Lake Erie College is a friendly and diverse school. It's awesome!


Any kind of person can attend this school. It is a very mixed group of people who attend Lake Erie, so if a persons major is offered here, he or she shouldn't be scared away by anything. There isn't any harm in applying to any college, so it's a good idea to apply anywhere that suits your interests.


A very liberal person. Somebody who likes to do a little bit of everything in school. It is required to take art classes and aesthetic form classes. Also, somebody who likes to ride horses. There is very good equestrian training avaiable at Lake Erie College.


The type of person that should attend this school is a person that is committed to getting their education, willing to work hard, able to adapt to a small campus, and has the ability to afford this school.


Someone who knows what they want from their education. This school is great for equestrians and other athletes willing to play division 2. We have a lot of education majors, as well as equine studies and sports management majors. The people here like to party and have fun, but are serious about academics. You should be friendly, social, enjoy a small campus, and be willing to meet new people and try new forms of entertainment. You also should be accepting of diversity...everyone is pretty equal here, although most of the population is athletic.


The kind of person that should attend this school is one who is prepared to get recieve the knowledge they want to know. They have to be very open minded to new material.


Lake Erie is the type of school for anyone who is serious about finding a great job in this tough economy. They also must have a hard work ethic and positive attitude towards learning about new ideas. It is also a 4 year school, which looks great on a resume.


Somebody who wants to work closely with their professors and have an amazing experience while discovering who they are and what they want to become.


A person that is willing to work hard in the classroom, meet new people, and experience college life.


Lake Erie College requires their students to be three things: dedicated, have respect for traditions, and determined.


This school is for a motivated, go-getter who wants to get ahead in thier career. Our professors are among the best in thier fields and love to share thier passion for thier fields with thier students.


Someone trying to have fun that can balance it with a not very tough load of work.


Someone who likes the smaller class sizes and would like to know everyone that goes to the school.


Someone who really isn't looking to go to Grad School, or even be challenged here academically in undergraduate studies.


Any person who wants to attend this school should feel comfortable seeing the same people everyday. They should feel comfortable in small classrooms where the teacher will know if you're absent. This is a school where everyone will know if you got drunk over the weekend or if you are really smart in class. They should be interested in sports, volunteering or equestrian because that is the majority of the population.


Someone that likes a community base college. Someone that likes small classes. Like other colleges there are at least 100 or more students in the classroom. Which here the most you will have in a class is like 35 students. The teachers will know you by your name and they will interact with you when you need help. When you come to this school you can stand out in what you do. You can stand out in your education and your sports. When you do bad in your classes the professors will contact your coaches. Education comes first here.


A person who is hard working and determined.


Lake Erie College is for people that love life, have respect for others and their environment, and want to get far in life. Lake Erie is more liberal than conservative. They have a great equestrian program, so if horses are your interest then LEC is for you. I would say that Lake Erie is for people that don't take life too seriously, I mean this in a positive way. People are laid back and academically strong at the same time.


I feel that anyone can attend this campus and fit in just fine.


The kind of person who should attend this school: isn't looking to go to graduate or professional school, is interested in getting a college degree but by putting forth only the minimum effort required, doesn't mind a low standard of academic excellence, doesn't mind that the (unofficial) most popular extracurricular activity is binge drinking, and is someone who wants to be a blue-collar worker for the rest of their life.