Lake Erie College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


A person that is not serious about furthering their education is the type of person that should not attend this school. If a person is going to hangout late and go to parties while they have a term paper due they should not come to this school. At Lake Erie the faculty care and make a bond with you to help prepare you for the future. If a person is going to take for granted the help that they have the ability to recieve they should not attend this school.


Someone that does not care about their education. Everyone is pretty devoted to their learning here.


I believe that any one is welcome at Lake Erie! There are so many clubs, sports and activites for students to be involved in and feel like belonging.


I think that a person who believes that they are going to get by on the bare minimum should not go to this school. Lake Erie College is excellent at getting tutors for stragglers and keeping your overall GPA high so that you will get the most out of your education. I strongly suggest anyone who wants to slack off all the time and only go to classes a few times should not go to Lake Erie College.


Lake Erie College is well known for being an equastrian school and for athletics. 70% of the school are athletes or equastrians. It is very hard for people that arent part of a sport to get to know people and fit in. So if your not an equastrian or an athlete I wouldnt attend Lake erie college. But Lake erie college is also know for being a well known business school so that would be teh only other thing I would see someone attending this college for.


someone who wants a big school with big classes and looking to party a lot.


I wouln't discourage anyone from attending Lake Erie.


I do not think there is anyone that should not attend Lake Erie College. So long as you come, ready to work and with a good attitude, anyone can prosper.


Everyone gets along pretty well but there are a lot of athletes so one that doesn't like athletes should not attend.


someone that wants to party everyday or every weekend, and who don't like small schools, and if you don't play a sport because the school cost too much to come here just for academics.


I think that a person who is not willinging to learn shouldn't attend Lake Erie College.


A lazy unfocused individual.


Someone who wants a dregree in the fields of science and or teaching the programs are not very strong, In my opinion.


Some one who is planning on attending a big party school should deffinately not come to Lake Erie. Our school is very intimate and small. There is not very much partying but it is more of an extra curricular school. Everyone is involved in something.


If one is rude, unfriendly and uninvolved, then they wouldn't like this school; this school is very friendly and the students have a lot of school spirit!


A student that doesn't like smaller schools where the teachers try to pull out the best every student can do. Someone who doesn't like being known by name by all the faculty members and who doesnt want to go to class and the teachers not notice when they dont show up.


At Lake Erie you must be able to make the most out of your college experience. It is a very small school so being a shy or non-interactive student would not allow you to make the most out of what Lake Erie has to offer. Get involved! join groups, meet everyone and have fun...


The people who will succeed at Lake Erie College are the people that work hard at what they do. Lake Erie is very prestigious in academics. While there are not a wide variety of majors, the education you get from the classes is tremendous. It is a small school, with small classes and that is good because the teachers know who you are. They care about you and want you to succeed in their class.


A kind of person that is not self-driven and that needs to be told what to do. Also, a person who exepcts to get a job through his diploma and not through his work would proably have a hard time at this school.


someone who has come from a big high school and wanting a big party school


If your looking for a party school with lots of alcohol, look elsewhere. From what I've heard the weekend life is slow.


Students who describe fun in a negative way, or like to party alot .


A person who wants a large school should not got to this school. If someone wants to party and screw around all the time they should consider a different school.


If you are not someone who's going to get up and meet people, this place wouldn't be good for you. You have to WANT to make friends, otherwise you will be left alone. You have to have drive to accomplish your goals. The slackers will be cut.


The type of person who shouldn't atten this school are those who aren't willing to work hard for their degree. With small class sizes and professors that take a hands on approach, students are expected to participate in the classroom. Those who aren't willing to be heard, right or wrong, might find this atmosphere overwhelming for they education.


The kind of person that shouldnt attend this college, is basically a non self motivated person. This college isnt the most exciting college. Its great dont get me wrong, but its not for someone who bassically just wants to come in and have a party every day. Thats why I like this college more because ive buckled down alot sine the school year has started.


Anyone looking to get a science degree, the science department is SO outdated and the curriculum is a joke!


If you are looking for the big university, get lost in the crowd, party all the time, and not know anyone kind of school, Lake Erie is certainly not for you.


Someone who wants to be challenged and pushed into the career they want to be in. If you want large classes in a lecture hall, do not go here.


Like any college, a person who is unmotivated and just looking to party should not attend LEC. The school is way to expensive to fail a class. While people on this campus are social, it is tiny and not a party campus. Someone looking for big crowds and a large campus will not like it at Lake Erie.


Any person who loves huge parties and lots of noise and huge groups of people should not be here. If you like to miss class a lot and expect teachers not to say anything to you about it, this is not the place. If a person loves a variety of food and will want somewhere to eat on their meal plan 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, this school will not work for you.


A person who wants to slack off and party all the time.


Someone who is looking for big campus life. It's very small and there is little activity. Rumors spread faster than the plague and so do STDs.