Lake Erie College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


If I could go back in time to talk to myself while I was in my last year of highschool I would tell myself that it is extremley important to prioritize. Yes having a good time is part of being in college, but when you have finals coming up and you have yet to study you will regret going out when you could have been studying. Set dates that you have to have papers or work done by. If you set the dates and abide by them, you will not be as stressed when your due dates are right around the corner. Transitioning to college, you will not have anyone watching over your shoulder. No one will be there telling you that you have to do this or do that, you will be responsible for all the things that have to be done. Along with setting dates for schoolwork to be done, also set dates for payments that you have to make. Setting the dates will help you manage your time, your life, and help you be on top of everything important that is to come your way while you are in college.


I would have applied for more scholarships. I would have also taken more AP courses as well. I did not realize how beneficial both are to college. I feel that I was well prepared for college but, it would have been nice to go having more credits. I would have also told my high school self about going in with a major I can do anything with is very important.


Don't lock yourself into a major. I attended an engineering school only to find that I wanted greater variety. So, as great as a school looks, don't be afraid to ask questions to the current students, look around and think about being there for four years, but remember that it is only four years. Last night my mother said to me that now is the time in my life to go out on a limb and try something new. If that means moving to California and going to a school there, so be it. Adults with careers don't just pick up and move. The opportunity is in front of me, so go ahead and take it. I would also say, be a little braver. High school was tough and college will be tough too, but for different reasons. Just don't be afraid of the changes and challenges. And again, go ahead and change your mind five or six times about what you will study. Very few 18 year olds can picture their life clearly twenty years from now.


Last year as a high school senior I was already taking college courses as a post-secondary student so I felt like I was well prepared for this years classes. I would have told myself to remember to stick to who I am and always try my hardest. College is a lot about tranistions and meeting new people. I would tell myself to be social and become involved in many clubs and activites and meet new people but I would still need to remember to make time for studying for finals. I would also like to tell myself to push myself as far as I can in order to achieve my goals.


I think the biggest advice I would give to myself as a high school senior would be to put myself out there more and try new things and to be more open-minded. Over the course of this year, I think that has gradually happened, but if I'd have known that before, and if I had had that confidence in myself from the start, I think my entire first year of college would have been different. Not being so self-concious probably would have let me enjoy this past year more, as opposed to always worrying about what people thought of me. Coming to a school where no one knows you, means you have a fresh start and you can start where ever you want to. I made the mistake of not letting go of my high school self, which was always so worried and stressed and taking things too seriously. It is important to be serious and mature at times, but sometimes you just need to let go and have some fun and make friends and just relax.


I would advise myself to explore what make you happy not neccessarily money or income. Seek out every day as a awesome opportunity to make a difference in the world. Realize that you have to stay on the right path in which, includes balancing fun with your studies. I would say to keep feeding your self-esteem and look at problems as positive challenges and struggles as merely bumps on the road. Always stay in touch with the people that support you for the right reasons, for example, your family and close friends. Keep a unbreakable foundation by never stop believing and know and live out your christian faith. Remember that the choices you make know do matter and they will come back to affect you in your present life. Be accountable for not only your success but also your failures. Tell yourself you learn more out of failures than you do if everything went "smooth" all the time.


Save money because books are extremely expensive. Keep contact with advisors and good people in the financial aid office.


If I were to go back and talk to myself I would tell myself to be more outgoing, study even harder, and get faster. I wish I would have been more outgoing freshman. I was a very shy person and hardly anyone knew who I was. Once I changed that, I could not walk to class without seeing ten people who knew who I was. Being outgoing will help you make many friends and make college much more interesting. Even though I have a 3.56 GPA, I want to be considered the best. Studying even more could have changed that 3.5 to a 3.7 or higher. The thing I always have wanted to do the most was get faster for football. It is the one thing i regret most, because with my height (6'4") speed could change everything at my position. I wish I would have started lifting a lot heavier on my lower body and trained to get faster a lot earlier, because now it is too late.


I had never had to work hard through my whole high school career, i got by easy without studying especially my senior year. I didnt study much, i spent more time hanging with my friends then i did working on projects and when i did do the projects they were finished last minute. I never really had good study skills throughout my senior years of high school. Well, now that i have seen what college is like i realize that i am going to have to work hard to keep my grades up and start on papers and projects much sooner and prepare better. I am going to have to work hard to develop better studying skills then what i did in high school. So ,in conclusion, i wish i would have been a more diligent student more consistently thoughout my high school career but especially my senior year.


Some advice that I would give to myself would to be more dedicated to my schoolwork and classes. Being an athlete I took advantage of the system and my teachers. I disliked school very much but excelled in sports and thats how I got to where I am today. Without sports I would have never gotten as far as I have today. The end of my senior year I actually started to take school more seriously and boosted my GPA up just enough to get into Lake Erie College. I owe alot of my success to my Head Highschool football coach becasue he really opened up my eyes to what I could be in life and how successful I could be.


Knowing what I've experienced so far in college, the main things to focus on would be learning everything you can about the campus, always be on time, have a positive attitude, learn some great study techniques, and do not go over your absents. I've been in college a little over two years because I did take a semester off. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many classes or not getting enough rest. Focus on your studies instead of always wanting to go out and party or hang out with friends. Don't always try and follow the crowd, do your best and just strive for success. Instructors will mark you absent if you are a certain amount of minutes late, and those absents do add up. With over four absents sometimes, you can be dropped from a class. Find great study habits like finding a study buddy or listening to music while studying, and other sources also. Do all of your assignments and learn almost everything is on campus because this may help you someday. The most important advice is pace yourself and try your very best.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to relax. Theres no need to stress yourself out over college , what it will be like, moving away from home, or fitting in. It will all happen in its own time and things will work out and go smoothly so there is no need to stress out about it. Stay relaxed and stay on top of your school work and you will be worry free.


College is the first time in many students' lives when they are independent. I had to make decisions for myself that I have never had to think about before. As a freshman, this first semester threw everything it had at me. I had never had to study so hard. High School was a breeze for me academically. However, college proved much harder. I think I stood up to the challenge quite well. There were certain side effects though. I had some problems with anxiety. I felt like I had a million things to do all at once. Forcing myself to take a breath and relax helped me overcome this. I could never have realized this by staying at home or commuting to college. No matter how hard it got, I forced myself to look ahead. I realized I had to grow up sometime. Why not now? Honestly, high school was not the greatest time of my life. Now, I am involved and starting a new chapter. I even joined a sorority! My new sisters are the best friends I will ever have. College has been invaluable to me! I am looking forward to the next three years.


just have fun with your education but make time to meet new people and out yourself out there. make sure you are doing what you are doing to make yourself happpy and not anyone else because it your life and future not theirs.


The advice I would give myself is to keep my head up and don't worry about what the future has in store; just live each day as it comes, and make the most of every moment. Everyone is in such a rush to grow up, and childhood is over before you know it so you have to embrace each day as it comes and not worry about what could happen, or would have happened if one would have chosen a different path. Everything happens for a reason you just have to trust your instincts.


I would have saved my money more and looked into different majors, so I would have had one picked out before I went to college. I would have told myself just to relax and have fun. I also need to make a schedule for myself since I am playing sports so I can get everything done in time, instead of doing it last minute. And for soccer, I would have told myself to workout more, get stronger and fitter so I did not get hurt and passed every physical test with flying colors.


Looking back at high school, there may have been a few things i might have changed in order to make college life a bit easier on myself. First and most importantly, my study habbits needed fine tuning. Along with the rest of high school my senior year involved me sliding by paying attention in class and retaining as much knowledge as possible to pass the tests. No studying. I now realize that studying is crucial; but it's not just studying, it's studying correctly. Another tid bit of advice I would like to give myself as a senior in high school is to take harder classes. It may have seemed pointless then but it is much needed to kick your brain in gear for that first semester of college. Now I feel it's time to construct a time machine to take me back so I have to oppotunity to have a chat with myself and change these things to mold a better future for me and my college life now.


"Somebody always has something to say, its what you do that counts." When I was in high school I was picked on for being "different". I wasn't the preppy white girl, I couldn't afford to wear abrocombie clothes, I wore hand-me-downs. I will always remember my junior year history teacher belittling my edcuational goals. She made faces of disbeliefe that I was capable and even had dreams of going to medcial school. I wish I had the power to just ignore her rude and insensitive remarks. I ended up barely passing her class and made a promise to myself to never take another history class again; I still hold that promise today. Between the bullying of my peers and teachers, as well as the finanical issues at home, I was becoming educationally discouraged. I made a last minute decission to graduate high school my junior year, I just wanted to get out. I began community college at the age of 16 and have done nothing but better my education and self fullfilments. Your on your own in college; picking yourself up to continue moving on is a great part of college life and life itself.


If I could go back in time and advise myself during my senior year of high school, my advice would be to take my time, and look inside myself to try to learn what my true passion is. I would also try to convince myself to take it slow , because anything worth having is truely worth working hard for and also sometimes waiting for. I would assure myself that if you follow your passion that a job won't be like a job, it will be a pleasure. My advice would be to sacrifice a little now and reap lots of benefits later. I would tell my 18 year old self to imagine being able to wake up every morning and looking forward to going to work. That is a something that is pricesless! I am a 50 year old mother of two, who finally has an opportunity to go back to school. I have been accepted into the ADN Nursing program at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College for Fall 2011 and I am very thankful for this opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to apply for this scholaraship. I will appreciate any consideration that you may offer. Tina Irick


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would telll myself to apply for more scholarships because college is hard to afford, and that extra money for school would take loads of weight off of my shoulders. And that would give me more energy to be using toward my education if I was not so worried about how I am going to pay for it. I would also advise myself that choosing a the right college is more important than just going to any college. Where you spend your education is how you are going to be educated. The education is only special if the place you got it at was. As well as, I would remind myself that changing your life is good for you. The more change, and the more you put yourself out of your comfort zone the more you grow. You should not settle for less than what if the best and most suitable. Do not put yourself in a place you wish you were not. And hold on to what you love and enjoy, always.


I would tell him not to play college football. Playing football is fun but concentrate on your studies and have a job to help pay for school. Fill out more scholarship applications so you have more chances of winning free money for school because Lake Erie College is not cheap.


Entering into high school, I was told that the next four years would be the beginning of the most important years of my life. I was even told to build lifetime relationships, while excelling academically and being involved in all the extracurricular activities I could handle to stay active. Though our guidance counselors at the time advised us to make great first impressions, take all of our classes seriously, and to participate in volunteer programs to help build a good resume, I believe many things leading to college were left unsaid. For example, our advisors did not emphasize on how important applying for scholarships and grants were before college. This would be something that I would drill into my head if I were a high school senior again. I would make sure not to wait until senior year to put in for scholarship and college applications. My number one focus would have been to make good grades and to apply for scholarships and grants earlier throughout high school. My grades would have been more of a obligation than just a priority for college prospects. The best advice I would have given myself was to apply for more scholarships.


I would tell myself not to have your heart set on the school your boyfriend is going to because if it is ment to be it will work out. Make your decision on what suits you best and don'r panic about the deadlines and all of the other fun stuff. First figure out what you're looking for in the university and then begin your search. Every university is different and has different things to offer. Don't select your university solely on location, where your friends are going, and what you want you major to be, but rather where you feel you are comfortable and will succeed. Choose a university where you will be focused and achieve great things while getting the help and support you need.


Get involved in HOSA. Have a more optimistic look about the future


Focus. Focus on you, focus on your goals and focus on your future. Find out what it is that you love and go after it. Don't be concerned about what others think, if it makes you happy than focus on it. You are choosing a career that will hopefully be your life's dream job, so don't just do what everyone else is doing. Do what is right for you! Make every minute count and don't let any opportunities pass you by. Take advantage of all of these opportunities and experience as much as you can. If you don't take chances you may miss out on something really awesome. So look inside yourself and find your dream and then focus on that dream and make it come true.


Study. HARD. and plan early!!! end of story!


live by yourself


If i had the chance to go back one advice I would give myself is to know what my major is before I go. The reason why I say that is because I've went to college before and I have no major in mind. Not only that but the college that I attended didn't have the major that I was interested in. At that time I just wanted to get away from my parents and to have fun. I now learn my lessons and that is to not waist my time and have a major in mind before I go so that I can get somewhere within two or four years of study and not just take out loans on classes that I do not need. Not only that but I should be wise about taking out loans and only take out what I needed. The reason why I should finish within two or four years is because now I have a family and I don't have a degree and a good job that I can support them. So I am now back in school to get my degree after 5 years of drop out.


If I could go back in time to when I was in high school I would tell myself to take every step of college very seriously but remember to still have fun it is the best years of someone's life. It is all around just and amazing experience; from people you meet, the things you experience, the education you learn. Just the ability to recieve an education is a blessing and should never be taking for granteed for the mere reason that not everyone has the advantage of recieving an education. Now that I will almost be down with my college career I always look back and say "wow! I wish I DID NOT wish for it to go by so fast just to get it done." School was so much fun and I had so many great experiences and met some of the nicest people that will now be part of my life for ever.


Keep an open mind, and continue to work hard to acheive goals. Also, be faithful in the small things because you will be entrusted with bigger responsibilities in the future.


Afraid? I know that starting something new can rattle your nerves, but you will always be starting something new in your life, new job, new marriage, becoming a new parent. College is just the next step in the learning process and better now with your peers then to go back once when you are older. Every year you delay going to college you will be developing a life for yourself and you will start accumulating responsibilities. There will always a reason why you should wait until until "next semester" to go back to college and next thing you know you are 30. You may take a few classes over the years, but you may also become a single parent and then will not be able to leave the kids alone at night and the next thing you know you are 50. When you are driving and you see a batted, bloody person coming toward you telling you that the bridge is out, do you stop the car and turn around? Let me be the person that you see who is 50 and returning to shcool because I can't get a job. Now that is something to be afraid of.


When I finished highschool, I was not really thinking about going to college at all, instead I planned to go right into working in my field. I took a year off just working and during that time I decided that college would better prepare me for the rest of my life than just working. In order to make the transition easier for myself, I should have been more analytical when choosing my first college. The first school I went to was completely unsatisfactory and did not challenge my intellect the way that LEC does. So if I could go back and advise my high school self, I would have told myself to ask better question when on campus tours and to talk with current students about how they felt about the college. Also, I've learned that on campus visits, schools tend to project a better image than is acutally reasonable. In that sense I would have advised myself to look past a pretty campus and buildings to try and see what the school would actually be like when the school year actually started.


nothing just party less and concintrate more on school.


The first thing I would tell myself is... STOP CARING! No, I don't mean stop caring about school work, because that is definitely the second thing I would say to my high school self, pay more attention and be more organzied, and study study study! I regret not taking in the spanish, and I only wish I could have tried harder and consequently gotten a better grade on those thesis papers. But I know now that those things are important, but it is more important to know who you are. It took me two years to be able to look my music teacher in the eyes, I got caught up in the useless drama that is high school, and even now I admit that I get scared to make a phone call every now and then, but growing up and moving ten hours from home has really forced me to be independent. It took me this long to figure out that it doesn't matter what you look like, the only thing that matters is the difference you make with your actions. Stop caring, start working!


I would tell myself not toprocrastinate and to visit as many colleges as possible. I know it can be very stressful to pick a college, but take a deep breath and find one that fits you. Your college experience depends on what you make of it. College isn't as scary as people make it out to be. Join some clubs that interest you, make friends, work hard and no matter where you go, you will have fun and be successful. Also, apply to numerous scholarship applications. College can get very expensive, so fill out that small survey or write that 500 word essay and you will be so glad you did when you have to pay for your schooling. Have fun and stay motivated and you will be fine!


I would tell myself to study harder, to practice for the ACT & SAT, to stay in shape, and strongly pursue my interests. This advise would help me better prepare for college and enable me to have a better financial standing than my current one. It would also keep my self-dicipline at its best. I would be traveling an easier path with less work and more enjoyable free time.


If I could go back in time and talk to my high school self I would tell myself to take school and my search for secondary education more seriously. I did not look hard for colleges that I should have. I would also tell myself to learn to manage my time better because it is hard to juggle practice, games, study tables, classes, and time with friends. The most important advise I could give myself is no matter how stressed or home-sick that you get just try to maintain a positve attitude and try to rememeber that this hard work will be worth it in the end. College will allow me to make a better life for my future family and I and it was the best decision I have ever made.


Education and work are two different things. As a high school senior, I was career focused and felt that I should select a college and major that reflected that. Later on, I found that while I wanted a career in a certain line of work, I did not want to study it. Essentially, I wanted to walk before I could crawl. I needed to select a major that I wanted to both study and have a career in. The two are inseparable.


Definitely I would advise myself to not stress so much. I thought college was going to be class and study for 16hrs a day with no time for life. My image of college life was much worse than it was. College schedules are much more flexible than high school so I have added some fun (non-academic) classes into each semester. I have taken a dance class and a gardening class so far. This is my treat for working hard. These fun classes have proven to be a great way to bring my stress level down while still learning something new. I would also tell myself to make a study schedule and stick to it like it was the Holy Grail. In high school the home study time was minimal because there was so much built in study time through out the day. College is not very forgiving when it comes to home study or study outside of the classroom. I have planned study time for each class marked on my calendar and I do not let anything bump into that time. I have a schedule for each day of the week as if it were my job. It works.


I would have to tell myself that in college, there are no excuses. Your parents are no longer there to call you in sick. The dog can no longer eat your homework. You can no longer go to the nurse, fake sick, and go home early. In college, being absent can determine whether you pass or fail a class. Professors will not accept late work. Once you graduate, you will need to step it up and take responsibility for your actions and choices. You are the adult now. The ball is in your court and you must work hard to keep it in control. Although this may sound scary, you will truly enjoy this experience if you stay on task. You will meet great people, make new friends, and learn a ton of useful information that will help mold you into a great teacher. Work hard and have fun!


i would first tell myself to be more outgoing once i arrive at college, that's a great skill to obtain if it doesn't come naturally. be prepared to miss your family more than orginally expected, the appreciation for them will only grow over the years away. and finally, i personally believe that college is the place where most students truly find out who they are and the person they want to become. i would let my younger self know that its not so much important what you're leaving behind but what you're gaining and getting into. i would tell myself to be more open-minded and willing to accept changes and new people.


To go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I think it would some things I would certainly tell myself. One of the things I think I would make into a point of emphasis, would be the fact that I should have taken high school more serious and tried to get as much as I could from there. I started high school in a good way but once I figured that I understood how it worked I just stopped trying my best and just doing enough to get by which I would never do again if i had to do it over. Another thing I would go back and tell myself is that college is a situation that youkind of have to make your own fun but that isn't a bad thing. I also would probably tell my high school self to do a little better research for my college of choice because it was some things I didn't know about like this college being an equestrian school. Even though it had no effect on my decision just should have done better research.


At Lake Erie College, I have experienced more than I could ever imagine. LEC has offered incredible opportunities for my major. I am getting so much hands-on experience; which is very valuable for an equine studies major. I was able to go on a field trip to Kentucky where we visited equine hospitals, the Keenland Racetrack, a Thoroughbred breeding farm, and an equine rehabilitation and medical center. That trip really opened up my eyes to the possibilities available to me after graduation. On campus, there is a club or organization for everyone. For me, I am part of the Pre-Vet Club and Laddies Legacy Club (an equine club devoted to helping equine students and the facilities). There are also opportunities to work for the college, as I do in the Admissions Office. Through all of these experiences, I am learning to manage my time, be responsible, and become a leader. I believe LEC has been very valuable to attend because they not only offer an amazing education, but incredible opportunities (such as the study abroad program), community service, and relationship building between college peers.


I believe that attending Lake Erie College has made me a more confident student, it has brought out the best in me, and has helped give me the skills to succeed. I have gained more knowledge to help me grow not only for my career, but also for the future. I will take away the real life and hands-ons experiences that I have obtained from being an education major at Lake Erie College. I will never forget working and helping out in school districts around the area, volunteering for campus events such as Fall Harvest and Suess-a-thon, and mentoring young students in a program called Team-up. I know that through all of these experiences I have learned what will make me a better teacher.


Out of my college experience that college is easy if you do your work. it valuable to attend college for you can have better life in the long run.


The college experience is something that i have always looked forward to and it has been a good experience. I get challenged more than I did in high school which is probably why i enjoy it so much. Another great part of the college experience is the bettering of my people skills and other communicative skills. Meeting new people is just a part of life and plays a major role in college since I get to meet so many new people. These skills will help me when i graduate since I will need them in the business world because I will need to present myself very well in interviews for potential jobs and for any internships that i may get. The college experience is something that everyone needs to become a part of because those are the times when you learn the most about yourself and what you can become. I am looking forward to the next three years of college and the challenges to come.


I realized what it was I valued the most, the world’s children. Nothing strikes a chord in me harder than hearing of children being abused, neglected and abandoned. This passion fuels my urge and desire to advocate and educate myself and others of social issues that involve children. Personally I have witnessed inter-family child abuse and molestation and I feel that it is my obligation to reach back and help youth going through similar situations. It is my belief that God gave me my voice to speak for those too afraid or unable to speak for their selves. That is what makes me a leader. This passion, this drive, this experience connects me and sets me apart from the rest. I hold myself to a leader standard and higher calling and expect others to notice and judge me accordingly. When my time here on Earth is gone I will not be able to take anything with me but I can leave more than debt behind. It is my goal and dream to be remembered not for what I had the ability to do but for what I managed to accomplish.


I have made some great friends and met alot of great people. The small camous lets you get to know pretty much everyone who attends and works at Lake Erie college on a personal basis. I have learned alot in my first semester here and plan to keep going. It also helps that I am on the volleyball team because I already had friends coming into this school.


I love all the knowledge I have picked up, and all the friends I have made. Everyone here may get busy but they still find time to help others when needed. People tend to get to know each other very well.


I have learned a lot so far at Lake Erie College. I have learned a lot about time management as I have been challenged to study while playing college football. It sure takes a lot of time an commitment. I have also learned what its like to live on your own. My coaches put us through study hall six hours per week which has helped my study habits tremendously. Lastly through my time so far at Lake Erie College I have started to learn what it is really like to be a teacher and how rewarding it can be. I went on a field trip to Royalview Elementary and sat in on couple different classrooms. I even got to help out with some of the teacher's lesson plan. It was really cool to see what its like to actually be the teacher rather than the student. I found this experience to be very worthwhile and rewarding. In conclusion, I feel that my time at Lake Erie College thus far has been very beneficial and I have learned so much.