Lake Erie College Top Questions

What should every freshman at Lake Erie College know before they start?


Knowing what I've experienced so far in college, the main things to focus on would be learning everything you can about the campus, always be on time, have a positive attitude, learn some great study techniques, and do not go over your absents. I've been in college a little over two years because I did take a semester off. Don't overwhelm yourself with too many classes or not getting enough rest. Focus on your studies instead of always wanting to go out and party or hang out with friends. Don't always try and follow the crowd, do your best and just strive for success. Instructors will mark you absent if you are a certain amount of minutes late, and those absents do add up. With over four absents sometimes, you can be dropped from a class. Find great study habits like finding a study buddy or listening to music while studying, and other sources also. Do all of your assignments and learn almost everything is on campus because this may help you someday. The most important advice is pace yourself and try your very best.


If I could go back in time I would tell myself to relax. Theres no need to stress yourself out over college , what it will be like, moving away from home, or fitting in. It will all happen in its own time and things will work out and go smoothly so there is no need to stress out about it. Stay relaxed and stay on top of your school work and you will be worry free.


College is the first time in many students' lives when they are independent. I had to make decisions for myself that I have never had to think about before. As a freshman, this first semester threw everything it had at me. I had never had to study so hard. High School was a breeze for me academically. However, college proved much harder. I think I stood up to the challenge quite well. There were certain side effects though. I had some problems with anxiety. I felt like I had a million things to do all at once. Forcing myself to take a breath and relax helped me overcome this. I could never have realized this by staying at home or commuting to college. No matter how hard it got, I forced myself to look ahead. I realized I had to grow up sometime. Why not now? Honestly, high school was not the greatest time of my life. Now, I am involved and starting a new chapter. I even joined a sorority! My new sisters are the best friends I will ever have. College has been invaluable to me! I am looking forward to the next three years.


just have fun with your education but make time to meet new people and out yourself out there. make sure you are doing what you are doing to make yourself happpy and not anyone else because it your life and future not theirs.


The advice I would give myself is to keep my head up and don't worry about what the future has in store; just live each day as it comes, and make the most of every moment. Everyone is in such a rush to grow up, and childhood is over before you know it so you have to embrace each day as it comes and not worry about what could happen, or would have happened if one would have chosen a different path. Everything happens for a reason you just have to trust your instincts.


I would have saved my money more and looked into different majors, so I would have had one picked out before I went to college. I would have told myself just to relax and have fun. I also need to make a schedule for myself since I am playing sports so I can get everything done in time, instead of doing it last minute. And for soccer, I would have told myself to workout more, get stronger and fitter so I did not get hurt and passed every physical test with flying colors.


Looking back at high school, there may have been a few things i might have changed in order to make college life a bit easier on myself. First and most importantly, my study habbits needed fine tuning. Along with the rest of high school my senior year involved me sliding by paying attention in class and retaining as much knowledge as possible to pass the tests. No studying. I now realize that studying is crucial; but it's not just studying, it's studying correctly. Another tid bit of advice I would like to give myself as a senior in high school is to take harder classes. It may have seemed pointless then but it is much needed to kick your brain in gear for that first semester of college. Now I feel it's time to construct a time machine to take me back so I have to oppotunity to have a chat with myself and change these things to mold a better future for me and my college life now.


"Somebody always has something to say, its what you do that counts." When I was in high school I was picked on for being "different". I wasn't the preppy white girl, I couldn't afford to wear abrocombie clothes, I wore hand-me-downs. I will always remember my junior year history teacher belittling my edcuational goals. She made faces of disbeliefe that I was capable and even had dreams of going to medcial school. I wish I had the power to just ignore her rude and insensitive remarks. I ended up barely passing her class and made a promise to myself to never take another history class again; I still hold that promise today. Between the bullying of my peers and teachers, as well as the finanical issues at home, I was becoming educationally discouraged. I made a last minute decission to graduate high school my junior year, I just wanted to get out. I began community college at the age of 16 and have done nothing but better my education and self fullfilments. Your on your own in college; picking yourself up to continue moving on is a great part of college life and life itself.


If I could go back in time and advise myself during my senior year of high school, my advice would be to take my time, and look inside myself to try to learn what my true passion is. I would also try to convince myself to take it slow , because anything worth having is truely worth working hard for and also sometimes waiting for. I would assure myself that if you follow your passion that a job won't be like a job, it will be a pleasure. My advice would be to sacrifice a little now and reap lots of benefits later. I would tell my 18 year old self to imagine being able to wake up every morning and looking forward to going to work. That is a something that is pricesless! I am a 50 year old mother of two, who finally has an opportunity to go back to school. I have been accepted into the ADN Nursing program at Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College for Fall 2011 and I am very thankful for this opportunity. Thank you for allowing me to apply for this scholaraship. I will appreciate any consideration that you may offer. Tina Irick


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior I would telll myself to apply for more scholarships because college is hard to afford, and that extra money for school would take loads of weight off of my shoulders. And that would give me more energy to be using toward my education if I was not so worried about how I am going to pay for it. I would also advise myself that choosing a the right college is more important than just going to any college. Where you spend your education is how you are going to be educated. The education is only special if the place you got it at was. As well as, I would remind myself that changing your life is good for you. The more change, and the more you put yourself out of your comfort zone the more you grow. You should not settle for less than what if the best and most suitable. Do not put yourself in a place you wish you were not. And hold on to what you love and enjoy, always.