Lake Erie College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I have gained so much from my college experience. It seems cliche to say it has made me a better person, but it truly has. I have gained knowledge, communication skills, a sense of pride, and volunteerism. I have learned that even though most people tend to think of college as a time to make friends and to find yourself, that you do not necessarily have to party to fit in. I have juggled 18 credit hours, cheerleading practices, a job, and volunteering since my freshman year, and I have been able to maintain a 3.9 grade point average while doing so. I have learned that all of my studying and hard work will pay off in the end. I have made friends, and not only with my students and teammates, but with the faculty and staff as well. All of these people have made my college experience so much better and has made me realize that I chose the best school for me. When I graduate from college and have a job out in the "real world", I will look back to my college experiences and be very thankful for everything and everyone who contributed.


Going to college has allowed me to gain a broader view of the world so that I might increase the size of my dream. I still don’t know exactly what I want to do or where I fit but my horizons are larger than when I graduated from high school. Education has always been important in my family so there was really no question about whether I would attend college. The question was what will I do with the experience? In addition to all of the academic instruction, I have learned to live peaceably with people I am not related to. I am learning that my world is larger than my hometown, state or country. I have learned that the world does not revolve around me and that I must find my place in the world because no one is going to hand it over to me. I am learning that service to others is a lifelong worthy purpose. I believe that attending college has provided me with life lessons that are beyond value.


Since I have been attending Lake Erie College, i've learned a lot and grew as a person in many ways. The professors have taught me how to be successful in my career and provided me with connections that will be very important in my future. In my fellow students, I have found friends for life and valued collegues. This has been such a valuable experience for me because I really do believe I wouldn't be the same person if I hadn't attended LEC. I feel more prepared for my future and I know that I have a whole network of people behind me that only want to see me succeed.


I have enjoyed studying respiratory care at my college and learning about the body. I am very grateful to be enrolled in a program that is rewarding and challenging. Healthcare is something I love and something I want to spend my life doing. I enjoy helping people. College allows me to make friends and learn, but most importantly, it gives me the training and opportunity to do something I love.


The most important thing I have gotten out of my college experience is a sense of self freedom and a deeper desire to simply learn. Prior to attending Lake Erie college I was in an infantry unit within the Marine Corps. In the Marines you have little if any freedoms as far as what you can read, say, and do. Attending Lake Erie College has been undoubtably extremely valuable to me because it is an amazing feeling to have not only the freedoms to read, say, and do what I want, but to also have a teaching staff that supports and incourages students to think on their own. Attending Lake Erie College has given me the confidence to know that I will be successful in my major as well as an over all well rounded life long learner.


One thing I have gotten out of my college experience, is the need to be independent. Much of the time in the past, my family and those around me have always helped me with my important tasks. During my stay at college, i have realized that they are not always going to be around to help me. I must learn some independence and begin to do things for myself. College has been valuable to attend, because it has helped me learn many things about myself and other people. I have gained new friends and new experiences and am thankful for them. I just hope that this submitted essay will help me win this scholarship because my family and I truly need the money. I am sure I am not the only person whom has this problem, but I just hope that I am picked.


What I have received from my college experience is responsibility and time management that have been most valuable. I have learned how to depend more on myself. My majors are not ones of ease being Adult/Young adult education and mathematics. I also play college baseball which takes much time and preparation throughout my school year. With our 50 plus game schedule, grueling coursework, and time spent between learning guitar and piano, I still find some time for myself. Out of all these responsibilities I put on myself, I have found that time management is the reason I have the free time I do. Many students I feel go through the motions of college, only working for grades they deam passible to themselves. I feel that I have worked hard during my time here, in both baseball and my coursework to reach a high standard I hold only for myself.


I have learned alot in every course i have taken so far at school things that will stick with me far after i graduate.


What I have gotten out of my college experience was being in a different atmosphere that I didn't have before. I realize the hard work and dedication that I needed in my studies. I now rely more on preparation whether it's on an exam or assignments. Education has been the main priority of mine because it the key to success. There are people in this world that can't take part in education because some feel they don't have the time or others may say the cost of college is unaffordable. In this case I do value my college experience dearly and would cherish the moment that I continue to have in the long run. I take into consideration that people without any college education would agree on the desire to want one if they could afford it. However, it not in my place to just assume that people without college education aren't able to find their own happy place in the world whether it having a job they're good at or a beloved family they care for. My college education was indeed valuable to me because it gave me hope for a better future.


I have defnitely matured a lot since coming to this school and having to balance school with sports. I kno how important it is to get an education in today's society, and I want to be abe to have the best chance I can to succeed in life. Lake Erie College pushes me academically and forces me to learn much needed information that I can take with me throughout my career.


well i have to say that i honest ly have not been in any classes yet i just barly got enrolled to dat so it will be an exciting experience


This is a very accredited school for the local area. I have recieved a lot of good feedback from people when I tell them I go to this school. The only thing I do not agree with is the amount I have to pay, the education aspect is not worth the price.


College is the first time in many students' lives when they are independent. I had to make decisions for myself that I have never had to think about before. As a freshman, this first semester threw everything it had at me. I had never had to study so hard. High School was a breeze for me academically. However, college proved much harder. I think I stood up to the challenge quite well. There were certain side effects though. I had some problems with anxiety. I felt like I had a million things to do all at once. Forcing myself to take a breath and relax helped me overcome this. I could never have realized this by staying at home or commuting to college. No matter how hard it got, I forced myself to look ahead. I realized I had to grow up sometime. Why not now? Honestly, high school was not the greatest time of my life. Now, I am involved and starting a new chapter. I even joined a sorority! My new sisters are the best friends I will ever have. College has been invaluable to me! I am looking forward to the next three years.


Lake Erie College has provided me with a wonderful learning experience. I am a teacher candidate in the Early Childhood Education Program, and I have studied under the most knowledgeable and experienced professors that money can buy. They have all been very kind, helpful, and supportive of me, not only as a student, but also as a person. I feel that I have developed trustworthy and meaningful relationships among the faculty in the Education Department. I know that I can call upon their assistance if ever the need arises as I endeavor to complete my education and fulfill my career dreams; each professer has given me this assurance. This school has promoted my academic success every step of the way, and I believe my professors modeled numerous other attributes that have encouraged me to stretch and grow as an individual. Today, I am more confident about my capabilities, less doubtful about my future, and better equipped to accept and handle new challenges. I have been encouraged and empowered by LEC to rise up to the ultimate challenge of making the world a better place because I am in it. This is what LEC means by "Get In. Stand Out."


My college experience has given me a new start on life. I have been able to start over with a new outlook on life and my perspectives toward career options. I have been given many opportunities, such as study abroad, that I would not have otherwise been able to envision otherwise. LEC has given me an opportunity to fulfill my dreams, persue my goals, and strive to make a difference in my life, my children's lives, and the community. I will miss the safety of college life but look forward to the new chapter and the many adventures that await me. I would not have found the courage without the guidance and ecouragement of LEC!


There are many things I have gotten out of my college experience so far and I have only been here for a semester. I have attended classes that challenged me and helped me learn new things. I have met so many new people and made many new friends. I have adapted to the environment and have learned to take care of myself and be responsible. I am working with others while getting and education. I have also learned how to communicate with my professors. College has truly helped me expand and grow. I am glad I am attending Lake Erie College and would love to remain here the next three years.


First and most improtantly, education is something that I desire and have gained in my college experience. I play baseball and have been the team captain for 3 out of my 4 year on the varsity team. While playing baseball I have developed a hard working personality and excelent leadership skills. I have learned life lessons while attending college in and out of the class room. I believe that this college was/is perfect for me, and has developed me into a well educated, responsible, and all around good man. I am a senior this year and these four years have have prepared me for the next chapter in life. I look forward to starting my career and implementing everything i have learned. I remember in highschool I was unsure what to do after, whether or not to attend college. I chose to go and it was not doubt the best decision of my life.


This school is accepting to the type of person I am and I felt free to express who I really am, and because of this I have met many new friends. I also enjoy playing a sport here at Lake Erie College because it makes me more rounded as a person, and it also helped me to stay healthy and fit. When playing a sport it has brought me closer to many of my teammates, I even consider some of them as family. I really love my teammates because they know how to cheer you up when your struggling and we all are willing to help each other out with schoolwork or whatever problems we have. Coming to this college is one of my best choices I have made because it teaches me to be more independant and it prepares me to get ready for the "real world". I also love how small the classrooms are because you can really get to know your teacher and they can get to know you as well, and the teachers are willing to offer help outside of class.


So far I have found out in my college experience that I am a harder worker than I thought. I found out that, atleast at my college, that it is just like highschool except I get to study things that I enjoy. It has also shown me how independent that I am. Living in a college environment is a good way for me to see some of the things you have to deal with in everyday life. Although it is slightly easier because the college has food, electricity, running water and they put a roof over my head. I find that as time goes on that I aquire more and more responsibilities. This means learning to do my taxes, pay bills such as my cell phone bill, and figuring out how I am going to pay for my college. Hopefully next year I will find myself figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life.


To this date, I have gotten further interested in my major, and I have made many new friends. It has been valuable to me because before attending, I was unsure about my major. After more classes and more exposure, I knew that I wanted to pursue biology and medical school. Not only has my future become more clear, my present has gotten better each day of my attendance. I meet new people all the time and make new friends all the time. I am glad I am attending Lake Erie College.


From my college experience, I have learned to be focused on homework and classwork. If a person is focused on these 2 thing then he or she will do fine in college. It is very valuable to attend college because after graduating college a person can have a good career.


I have made many great friends from near and far. I have also grown as a person and did many things I never could have imagined doing. I went on a 3 week trip to Paris over the summer with the college. A large percentage of the student body is athletes, and I enjoy attending their events and cheerinh on the Storm.


Growing up, I knew I would enjoy college, but I did not know I would love college. In today's world, it is obvious a higher education is the most important accomplishment of today and the future. I have gotten a new life out of college. I have made goals which are higher than I would have ever thought about it. I have become an adult and have begun a life of my own. College is a life all in its own and I have made it into a growing experience. In my life, it is just my mother and and e support each other. She makes an annual $15,000 a year and that is barely enough to support and full time college student and grown women with health problems but we support each other. It is more than valuable for me to go to college because I want to take care of my mother. Stress is part of her everyday mind set and I want to take it away. The higher education I am receiving is more than a dream and the experience I am given is worth the world.


Throughout my college experience I have learned so much and met some wonderful people. College is one of the best experiences and I think that everyone should give it a try. If I wouldn't have attended college I would not have gotten to have this wonderful experience, and seeing how to get the chance to further my education. The thing that I like about my college and has made it easier is the small class sizes. I get the opportunity to get one on one time with my professors and get to know everyone in the class. I think that attending college has been the BEST choice that I have made in a long time.


I came to Lake Erie College as an Equestrian Teacher/Trainer major, something that most people hear about and say "You're a what major?" Horses have always been a huge part of my life and so it felt only natural for me to continue on with my education to be a professional teacher and trainer within the industry. The greatest thing that Lake Erie College has done for my college experience is provide me with the tools and oppertunities which might not have otherwise been available to help me succeed. Horseback riding is very expensive, and while my family comes from an upper middle class economic status, we also have 4 children in our family, all of which either went to/are in college. Four college tuitions is a lot to pay for! My parents did the best they could, but it was Lake Erie which gave me access to better horses, better trainers and more people within the industy. My own riding and skill level has also improved tremendously while I have been in attendance at this school. Overall, the most valuable aspect of my education was being given the tools to succeed.


I have learned about people in the real world. How cruel people can be, how judgemental people can be, and how unhelpful people can be. I have also learned that some proffesors really want people to learn and succeed, and some professors are only their to get their pay check and go home. Its been a value to attend my school to learn about the real world and the real faces of people. It has also been a value to me to learn about my career field and what i should really expect when i graduate, not what they tell you in fairy tale stories of a perfect world after college.


There are many college experiences i have learned at this school. One of them is to be responsible and do the best that i can in everything i do. As long as you give your best effort you will have a very good chance to be successful in the near future. In college you have to be great in the classroom and outside of the classroom. Without good time managemet it is very hard to keep your events on time. When you are an athlete you have to make sure you get your studying done on time and that you go to class everyday to be successful. With good grades and performances on the field there will be time you can go hang out with friends and reward yourself for the hard workyou hve achieved on the field and in the classroom.


I have learned much about the business world and how competitve it really is. One must obtain at least a bachelors degree to have a decent paying job but should for sure go for a masters degree or MBA. Lake Erie has taught me to be more focused on my academic learning and to be more organized in my overall studies. It has also made me a better person and want to have a stable life and be financially stable in every aspect of my present and future.


I have been trying to go back to school for ten years. Now that I'm finally back in, the thrill of learning is rushing back to me. It's so gratifying to read about and study things and see the information come together in my mind. I never thought, for example, that I'd be good at, let alone like, math, but I find myself excited to practice problems in my Algebra class. Engaging my mind again is exhilarating, and knowing that I'm teaching myself how to better plan and organize my time makes me feel good about myself. I love learning, and I love that at the end of my studies, I can take what I've learned into a profession where I can grow, instead of just continuing the daily grind in the retail field as I have been doing. Getting tests back, engaging in class discussions, and knowing that I "get it" really makes me feel like I'm becoming a more complete person, with more to give back to those around me who might be stumbling.


I have had the opportunity to obtain real world experience through Lake Erie College. It is one thing to go to school and learn about what you want to do with your life, but it is an incredible opportunity to gain real world experience towards your major while you are still in school. At Lake Erie College I have had the opportunity to work with two companies on class projects. My major is Marketing and our teacher had as partner with Chick-fil-A of Mentor. We not only did this exercise for the classroom, but presented our final seasonal marketing plan before the owner of the store. He loved the work we had done so much that they have actually implemented the plan! This kind of real world experience can not be duplicated and gives students at Lake Erie College an edge on others as we graduate and enter into the workforce.


Ive learned so much about the business aspect of the equine industry and have improved in my riding. I feel that my opportunities keep expanding with the more i learn from my classes which are hands on, which helps me learn alot better than just being stuck in a classroom. Living so far away from home and being on campus had really helped to to grow into the professional that i want to become. Its been so much fun in making connections with the different people in the industry. I just hope to be able to continue in my learning and graduate with the information that can make me successfull.


I have been exposed to a wider variety of people with different outlooks on life and different priorities. It has been valuable to attend college because I have learned to live on my own and figure out my own problems. I have also learned that I have the skills and knowledge to succeed in college, I just have to be willing to do the work.


I have gained so much information for life and my career. I feel Lake Erie College has really prepared me for the workforce. They have alot of group projects which that helps in turn prepare you for how most jobs operate today. Lake Erie has professors who have worked in the field and can help better explain the material first hand.


I have learned alot about my field of study that i did not already know. By the time I get out of school, I will be well educated and ready to start my job. I am glad I am attending because all the knowledge I am gaining will be extremely valuable in my future.


One of the best parts of my college experience was the faculty and class size. The faculty was available to discuss any issues and give advice on a variety of different issues. The class size also has many benefits. The small class size allows students in like fields to become familiar with each other. The bonds made between students in similar fields of studies allowed for an environment that was more conducive to learning and critical thinking. The small class size also allowed professors to really know their students. The classes were relaxed but still very educational. This allowed for an enviornment that was conducive to asking questions and lead to critical thinking and discussion in the classroom.


So far college has been a really good experience, filled with fun classes and an exciting inaugural lacrosse season, with everything that I was involved in, it has just added to it. Some of the teachers that I have been privileged to meet have been amazing! They all have been extremely helpful and made my year full of knowledge and hope of the future.


It may be a little cliche, but for me college has been a growing experience. Both my Friends and my professors have influnced me and helped me exspand my views and see old things in a new light; and I can only hope that this has been a mutual thing and I have influnced them as well. Bhyond that, just being away from home and put into a different setting helps one see the world through new eyes. With any luck my next two years at college will be just as eventful, interesting, and fun as my first two.


I'm not always sure I made the right choice when deciding which college to attend, but I do believe everything happens for a reason and I have been blessed with opportunities that would have never aroused had I not come to this small liberal arts school. When I made the "decision" to come to LEC, I was an undecided freshmen and my only pirority was volleyball. Since then, I've realized volleyball won't be the reason I get into graduate school or land my dream job so began to use my spare time to volunteer and take on some exciting challenges. Now with only a year and a half left of my collegiate journey , I have an expedition under my belt and a semester abroad to still look forward to. This school may not have been everything I expected, but had I not come here I wouldn't have realized my passion and abilities that will provide me with a successful future, not to mention some lifelong friendships.


I have gotten a variety of things our of my college experience. Out of my college experience I have learned how to over come the adversities life throws at us. In college its rare if everything goes perfectly to plan. There will be nights of staying up late doing papers or nights going out with your friends which sometimes leads to bad decsion making,but no matter what you do you have to act to the consequences be it good or bad. By taking responsibility from your own actions and taking care of your self. Sometimes the only way to grow up and learn about life is to just experience it and learn as it goes. College has been valuable to me because I believe I am taking adavantage of an invaluable experience.


This is my first year attending school and i know it's very valuable to attend school to get an education to further yourself out of life. I want this chance to better myself, to suceed out of life, to beable to provide for my family. This life time you have to have an education to beable to get a decent job to make it. Going to college would be an experience it's self . To meet new people and experience new things out of life. My major is human services and i want to beable to recieve my masters and help people make better choices out of there life. The college experience is all i need to make it in life and i know i will.


My college experience thus far has been a very interesting one. One major thing I have learned is time management. It's extremely difficult balancing work, softball, and school. I have had to adjust to being able to know when I am able to have free time and when it is time to get my work done. College has taught be how to be on my own and be an independent person as well. You don't have your parents with you all the time now, so it's a big change from highschool. I value my attendance at Lake Erie College because I feel like I have already needed to overcome many obstables and I know this school has made me a much stronger person.


What I have learned from my college experience is the knowledge of how to deal with the loans process. During high school they say that they are trying to prepare their students for college but they give us no information on loans. I also have learned that just because you are passionate about something doesn’t mean that you are meant to have a job in said passion. I am a commuter student and I have seen how living on campus makes student more independent and headstrong. Hopefully when I finish my education I will have learned even more important skills I will need to live a full and happy life.


I started college when I was sixteen, while all my friends were out studying and doing all those things teenagers do to get themselves in trouble I was discovering all the truely amazing information that had been laid out at my feet. I think the best thing I got out of college was self-respect. No one cared about my age, they only cared about the amount of information I could retain and no one ever told me that I couldn't do something. College is a very valuable experience because it gives you that transition from highschool to how you'll be treated in the real world. If your willing to put the time and effort into your studies it will teach you how to act like the kind of person people want to hire.


I have gotten alot of my college experirence it is a god time to learn where you are in life and discover what you want to do.


what i learned in college so far is that i should of taken my highschool more seriously. I was sick alot my junior and senior year so i was home schooled for alot of it. I was a cheerleader all four years and was devistated when i had to quit in the winter for being so sick. I wish i could of been more active my senior year.They wernt kidding when they said time flys in highschool. I miss going to football games and meeting new people. I am jefferson college now and love it. I have learned that no matter who you are or what you do. Anything is possile. In the fall i am transfering to University of Central Florida. I chose there because they have an amazing cheerleading squad that i would love to be apart of and they have Rosen college which is for hospitality managment. In the near future i plan to graduate UCF and go onto manage a hotel then after a few years invest in one. I plan to own my own hotel. In about 20 years there will be a new hotel out there called the Adler.


I have spent the past three years at Lake Erie College gaining an education in life. True, I learned many, many important things about horses, which will be imperative considering I intend to make them my career, but what stands out to me the most is the fact that I have grown as a person. I have gained confidence in who I am, and what I will become. I have built friendships, and learned to sustain relationships with important people in the equine industry. I have surpassed hardships, and learned to overcome what used to bring me down. I have accepted responsibility for my actions, and taken on the challenge of living with my own choices. I have tasted what life will be like on my own, and although the thought is exhilarating, it is also one of the most sobering experiences that I shall have to endure. Nonetheless, I am ready. Without my experiences at Lake Erie College, I am not sure that I would feel so prepared to go forth in life. Alas, I am confident, and for that I can only say that my time spent as a student at Lake Erie is invaluable to me.


Academic education comes to mind when most students ponder about what they will learn in college, but my college experience has been largely a journey of self-discovery, complete with the battle scars and blood inflicted along the way. I first joined the college world in the fall of 2005 only to quickly discover that while I excelled academically, I had little knowledge of how to flourish personally. I spent the next four years participating in non-traditional variations of college such as traveling to Mexico for a semester with the National Outdoor Leadership School, and taking classes at a local community college in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while I held a full time job and supported myself. This might just put me in the category of the proverbial "late bloomer," but because of my turbulent college start I learned the ins and outs of how I function as an individual in this world. The opportunity to use college as a safe environment to ascertain what it is within me I need to bring forth to thrive has been valuable in that the experience now allows me to glean the greatest value from my present and ongoing college education.


Ever since I began my high school education, I have been told about college and what it has to offer me. I awaited the days when I would gain the experience for myself, and finally after graduating high school, I knew it was my turn to experience the college life. What I have gotten out of my two years attending Broward College in Coconut Creek, FL is a better understanding of what my future brings and what I can apply to my education in order to get where I want to succeed in the future. I have made great friends and great connections that can help me progress in my education and career plans. College has provided me with so much because it has shown me the value of education and lifelong connections with peers and teachers. It has taught me to be more responsible and to want to thrive in whatever I do. I am now ready to further my education into a 4 year college and make a difference in my life through more connections and more education to boost my knowledge about what the world has and will offer me in the future.


In my first year of college I learned that swords, magic, and virtual fish are less important than my future. I was addicted to an online multiplayer adventure game throughout my senior year of high school and into college. By my second semester of college, I had already logged a staggering 2,000 hours of play-time. 83 full days within a 356 day period. I was able to maintain my grades as A's and B's but I knew that I had a problem. When I had free time, I was much more inclined to increase my Fishing skill than complete school work. In college I was responsible for managing my own time. I no longer had the planned structure of high school, and my online adventuring took lead priority. My college experience has been beneficial not only because I have learned a great deal of valuable academic material, but because I was forced to quickly realize the importance of budgeting my time wisely. I have learned how to prioritize my life on my own and work before play.


I have gotten several things out of my college experience! Firstly, I have made great connections and friendships with my professors. I know that if I have a need or question, there is someone I can go to, and I always have several people that I can go to for references! My professors care about me, and I can tell- which is so valuable. I also have grown as a dancer. My professors have given me the tools I need as a dance major to become an amazing choreographer, they have shown me how to step outside of my comfort zone and do things I never knew I could! I am now able to reach into parts of myself that I did not previously know were there and find new ways to move and create movement! They hav encouraged me and given me confidence as a person and as a dancer that I will carry always with me!