Lake Erie College Top Questions

What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


I would tell myself to work more harder than you have in the years before. Like doing the extra credit stuff to make your gpa better than it was. To tell myself not to worry about anything other than family and school work to keep focus on the goal of getting a better job in the real world and better wages.


I look back at my carefree senior year and wish that I had took the initiative to fill out more scholarship applications. If I were given the chance to go back in time, I would advise myself to do just that. I would tell myself to apply for every single college scholarship available; even the smallest amount of money would be so helpful in the future. I now realize how much money I will owe after college, and it truly scares me. I wish someone had told me how important it is to receive multiple scholarships. The second thing I would tell myself would be to take the hardest courses offered in my high school curiculum. If I had taken all AP and honors classes offered to me, then I would have been much better prepared for college. Pushing myself in high school would have been well worth the extra efforts. In college I am studying for my future career which requires the use of knowledge learned in all my classes both from college and high school. Had I been given this information prior to entering college, I would have found my life a million times easier.


if i could go back to high school my senoir year i would try to improve om my self bedcause i didnt have the best disapline ,my grades, save my money for college because it is expensive. High school i had someone to push me to work hard, but in college no one tellls you to do your work so if i got do do it all over again i would have that self push so i could have the grades, being smart with my mone and improve as human in todays world .


If i were to advise myself before my senior year i would tell me a lot of advice. I learned a lot of tips that would help me have a smoother transition to college. I would tell myself to work out as much as possible. This will make you look better during college football visits and look better for the ladies at school. Another tip i would have is to take the act test to improve your score to a twenty five. Doing this will make college a lot less expensive and improve life after college. The thrid piece of advice would be to try as hard as you can in class and on homework. Every point on your grade point average is very helpful into getting scholarships for college. You dont know until you have been there. The last piece of advice would be to enjoy every single moment of your senior year. It goes by way to fast and you wish it was still your life. I miss hanging out with my friends and playing many sports instead of just playing football. Another thing that goes along with this is live with no regrets.


If I could go back to my senior year and talk to myself, the first thing out of my mouth would be to take school more seriously and ask for help when you need it, instead of swallowing your pride. My freshman year of college I was placed on academic probation and unable to play football the next Fall. When you have something taken away from you that you have worked so hard for, it makes you rethink your approach towards success. Since then I have changed my life and the way I approach school. So if I could go back and talk to myself, I would say do your best in all aspects and give everything you have because once you dig yourself a hole, it is a hard journey to dig your way back out.


As a freshman in college, I am still continually learning more about my school and classmates that I would have liked to know ahead of time. If I were to give myself advice I would first say, "Do not be shy." I grew up being shy but at college, now would be the time to break out of my shell but still be myself. Also I would tell myself to meet people from different groups. I play soccer so my only friends are from soccer. I wish I would have meet new people with different interests. Another important thing I would advise myself is don't do things just because other people do them. It is ok to go out and have fun but just because everyone is going bowling or seeing a movie doesn't mean that I have to. That time could have been spent more efficiently on my schoolwork or joining other organizations. The main thing is just to be myself. I got where I am today because of the person I am so don't try to be someone I am not.


I would tell myself as a senior many things. I would say put yourself out there. Don't be afraid of change or something different. Make new friends, they will help you get through the hard times. Don't forget your friends back home and keep in touch with them. Always ask if you can help out. If you help other people they will help you. Don't judge people on their appearances, they may surprise you. Don't trust people that you first meet but don't hold them back either. Be open to new experiences. Don't let your fear hold you back but push through it. Got out and have fun every once in a while. Don?t always stress out about your school work. Everything will turn out fine. Don't be scared of falling because that is how you learn sometimes. If you know the answer say it, don't keep it held up inside. Finally I would tell myself to take advantage of every opportunity that you are given because many won't come again.


It is just a new chapter in your life and you should not be scared. Things will change but you should never be scared of change. This change will teach you life lessons that nothing else could ever teach you except for your college experience. You will do fine and you will like it. I know you are a little afraid of leaving home but you are going to have to move away from Guernsey county Ohio some time. This will be a good experience because it is just far enough away from home that you can go home when Mom and Dad need your help and they will be fine without your help around the farm. Life moves fast charish every moment it will move by very fast. Track and Field is not over it is just begging you will do good and have a chance to prove yourself at the first meet. This stuff is all important but always remember to have fun you are hear to study but if it is not fun then you should look at what is more important to yourself and change what your studying. Its okay you will like your Entrepreneurship classes.


Never ever work off of assumptions. Whatever the situation, find the truths in untruths and vice versa. Explore your beliefs, explore your decisions to be made, explore you. Nothing is ever as big a rush as it seems so take the time to build your foundations, these are important years.


If I could go back to the time I was a high school senior, and I knew what I know now, I would have a great deal of advice to give myself. First, I would have been involved in various organizations, clubs or activities. High school should be a time devoted to getting to know yourself better. The biggest mistake I made was not considering and researching what I wanted to do with my life after high school. Volenteering or shadowing people in specific occupations would be a great way to do this. I would have took advantage of the many opportunites directed towards college preparation. (e.g. taking challenging classes.) Also, my counselor was always prepared to give me advice and help me make important decisions. I feel that I would have gained more knowledge regarding what to expect at college if I would have took advantage of the counseling services that were provided to me at the time.


If I could talk to myself as a high school senior, I would tell myself to not get bogged down in all the schoolwork and enjoy life. College is a lot of work, but looking back on the first two years of college, I made my schoolwork my life. I realize that I missed so much beacuse I was constantly writing a paper or working on a project. College homework is important, but living life to its fullest is even more important in the long run. I would tell myself to have a healthy balance between doing schoolwork and doing things I enjoy. That's the best way to have a great college experience! College is such a crazy time of discovering who you want to be, making new friends, learning a whole lot of information, and writing lots of papers. This time is fleeting and will not return again. Enjoy every aspect of it, and make your life surrounded by the experience...not just the work!


If I could go back and talk to myself, I would emphasize academics and being well prepared. I would tell myself to prepare a four year plan of classes, so that I didn't get off track. The party scene wasn't for me, so I would also tell myself to not waste my time like I did. I would tell myself specific teachers to take, and other ones to avoid. I just recently was diagnosed with ADD, and would tell myself to go to the doctor, so I would be diagnosed sooner. I would have had a lot less problems academically if I would have known this a while ago. The last thing I would emphasize, would be to have fun and let go. I don't know where I would be if I didn't come to this college. I have met some of the best (and worst) friends I will ever encounter. I would tell myself to meet these people even earlier, so I would have had all of my amazing friends even sooner. They have helped me so much, that I don't know where I would be without them.


Be sure to always give yourself a little reality check. You always hear of people changing who they are to fit in and you tell yourself that person will never be you. Just remember that you are not so different from everyone else and it really is not worth it to change. Many unexpected things will happen and life will get harder than you can imagine now, but you are a strong person. You can and will make it through. Make sure the reasons for choosing your college are a reflection of what you want. Don?t settle for anything less than perfect. You deserve it and this is setting you up for the rest of your life, make it a good start. Most importantly don?t forget to get the most out of your college experience. Meet new people. Try new things. Go new places. Be careful and don?t have regrets.


If I was able to go back in time and talk to my self as a high school senior the first thing I would say is ?why didn?t you listen to them??. Every teacher was always saying work hard now it will pay off when you get to college and I would just laugh. But, now looking back if I would have put it in even a little more effort I could have received more scholarship money, and tested out of several classes instead of having to go through it all over again. I would have also told myself to be more responsible with money and start saving it. Having some extra cash in the bank would make things a lot less stressful then my current situations. All in all if the senior me would even listen to the me now I would simply say be a harder worker it may seem pointless since your graduating but, it dose help out in the end. I would of given you multiple choice instead of just choice A.


Coming from Cleveland, Ohio and growing up in a poor area in Ashtabula,Ohio. Right out of high school I wasnt sure that college life was for me. Started to get into the streets, and get into a little trouble and really wanted to turn my life around. Now as a full time college student at Lake Erie, I would Let myslef know in highschool that there is nothing to fear about college. Go in right after you Graduate, and always work your hardest because teachers and professors really respect that and will let you know. Show that you are pround of where you came from and all the stuggles you had to overcome, and stand up for what you believe in. Once you become a college student take everything serioulsy because for some one like me there is no turning back, or room for failure.


As a High School Senior, I would go back and tell myself to become more involved with more social groups. As I only had 2 or 3 after a full year of College, if I had put myself more out there and engaged with others then I would have more friends as others began to transfer, graduate, or drift away. I would encourage myself to get out more and do more fun activities on campus and around town. I would want to be more adventurious and enthusiastic, and perhaps not work so much, because it spoiled part of the experiance. If I could go back, I would want myself to study more, and really aim for that 4.0 GPA rather than just accept the grade. I would want to be more involved in clubs and on campus, rather than just at the Equestrian Center. I would tell myself not to worry, because college turns out to be an awesome place of freedom and enjoyment.


If i could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior i would be confronted by a large problem. The only thing i could tell myself is to BE myself. While i have been in college i never wanted to go back and corrrect a wrong. This is because every mistake made in college is simply another life experiance. College life is more then going to class or making connections for getting a good job, it's the chance to be in a world you have never seen before. If i went back in time and told myself to not make that mistake then i would never learn why i shouldn't make the mistake. If we were all to go back and right the wrongs of the past then we'd never look on to a brighter future. If i went to stop myelf from doing something then i would always expect to beable to right my wrongs. However, i could never live knowing that i allowed myself to make an even larger mistake of stoping myself. Life is a learning experance and college is the best place to start the process.


I would tell myself to focus less on friends and more on work. Once graduation is over most people go their seperate ways and who you think they are, becomes who they were. If they aren't willing to help you study, they aren't willing to help you succeed.


There are a few things you need to know before you leave for college! First, you need to prepare for how much you are going to miss your family and pets. I know it doesn't seem like it now, but after a few months you will totally miss quirky Aunt Edna and having to take Fido for a walk when it's below freezing. Next, realize that living on your own comes with more responsibilities than you can think of. Are you ever going to clean you room if there isn't anyone there to nag you? I also recommend meeting your roommate before move-in. That way you can help decide who brings the TV and who brings the microwave. Finally, balance is very important. Constantly stressing yourself out over Econ isn't going to make things any better. Set some time aside to relax and enjoy being a college student. Party hard but study harder. Good luck!


If I had the opportunity to speak with my high-shcool-senior self, I would would make sure to stress the importance of being involved and dedicated to your academics. It is important to realize that college is a trial run for how you interact in the workplace and if you utilize the classroom to conquer fears and insecurities, you can succeed. I would also make sure to emphasize the importance of dedication to one's work. While you may not have the right answer or the best grade in class, it is important to learn from the mistakes and embrace the learning. Finally, I would definatley make a note to myself that pajama pants, while socially acceptable, are not fashion forward on campus!


If I could go back in time and talk to myself as a high school senior, I would stress focusing on school work and possibly taking some Post-Secondary classes instead of worrying about my social life. I feel that I could do so much more if I had done more in high school towards my college education. I'm taking classes now that I could have completed in a Post-Secondary program in high school. It would have saved me money and a lot of time. I also would have been able to add an extra minor or even double major. I believe I took the right classes in high school and the path I'm on now is where I want to be, I just wish I could be a little further ahead than where I am now. Ultimately, I would have told myself not to attend Capital University my freshman year and just go to Lake Erie College instead. That's how I would have prepared myself for the transition from high school to college.


If I could go back and talk to myself as a high school senior there is a lot that I would say. One thing that I would tell myself is to apply for more scholarships. I have come to find that paying for college is not cheap, and if you put enough effort into it, it is possible to go to college with very little money coming out of your own pocket. Another thing that I would tell myself is to learn to study. Learn what techniques work best for you and how to apply them. In high school I rarely had to study for tests. I usually got all the information I needed just by listening to the teachers talk, but college takes a lot of hard work and that hard work includes a lot of studying. The final piece of advice that I would give myself is to be smart. College life is a lot different than high school. It's very easy to get caught up in things such as drugs and alcohol, and these things can really mess up your education. You can still have fun, just be careful and use your head.


If I could go back in time to my senior year, bassically I would tell my self to calm down. I remember thinking how am I gona do all this school work. How am I gona get through four more years. I really started thinking about this my last half of my senior year. Once I started school I was so nervous. What I didnt realizwe is that it wasnt that bad. Yes the school work is harder, but I have so much time in the day to do all of this. Even though I do cross country and track. I figured once I had gone on to college, that I was gona be on my own in the class room. This is exactly the opposite. The teachers are so willing to help you get that A or B that you so desirebly want. So basically if I could go back in time, I would flat out tell my self to calm down.


I wish I could have stop seeing college as my hiding place, listen to parents instead of ignoring them . At this time I have known how important it is, especially when you are in college. As a college student, you are responsible for everything. You don't have parents to tell you what to do and what not to do. When I was in high school, I thought of college as a place where you get rid of the parents' pressure. Yes, sure it is! But as you take your time to enjoy "your parents' free life," your school works slipped and at the end of the semester, all you can see is all this unwelcoming letters, C, D-, and worst of all, the figure F. So all you can think of is I wish I knew! But now that I have known, college isn't a gate-away ticket, it is a place where responsibilties and creative thinking came into practice, it is a place where you reduced your fun and utilized inorder to have more in future, it is the place where boys became men, and girls became women, it is the place where our future relied on.


If only I knew now what I didn?t know then. Is a saying I remember hearing all the time as I attended my days at Crestwood High. Being the growing man I was I thought I already knew everything and all these people saying this to me must not understand how much I already know. Well now I know how confused I really was! If only my stubborn attitude could have just taken a break for a second, maybe I would have listened. I kept on pushing thinking ?I got this? life is easy and I can just skate my way right threw. Going from class to class in those crowded high school halls just cracking jokes and amusing all my friends. A ?D? was good enough. That was my attitude.If only I could go back and... tell my self that there is no other way to do good other then work hard or slap myself when I decided it was more important to skip class and go to McDonalds! I know I could have made this transition into college much easier. If only then I knew what I know now!


Going back in time to talk to myself as a high school senior, know what i know now would be such an oppertunity. I would tell myself to apply for more scholarships, even though we have a coulpe of them, money is still really tight. Keep our job at Waldameer park it paid for car, school books and lab fees. Also dont worry about the parent plus loan, you get the extra stafford loan, just stay on moms but about it. Your room mate Zerina is awesome, dont worry shes not as scary as she seems. Try to buy stuff through out the summer for school so you dont have to do it last minute, wasn't worth it. Be really nice to Grandpa Morris he may not always be around but he helps more than you think. Try to take as many English riding lessons as you can otherwise we are going to be at LEC longer than four years. Last but not least make sure to get to the library to check your school email, we miss alot because we didnt have the internet. - future self P.S. Sean and You are still good.


As the famous saying goes, "Hind-sight is 20/20."` Everyone who truly lives looks back at the past and thinks about what they could have done differently. I believe that the past is to be respected for what it is, the past. I don't think that I would go back and tell myself to do anyting differently. Every decision I made as a senior in high school shaped me to be the person I am now, and I would not change that for anything. I learned many valuable lessons about myself and who I am as a person during my transition from high school to college. I am very proud of how I adjusted and I don't think I would have had the same experience if I could go back in time and tell myself what to do to make transitioning easier. However, if I really had to choose one thing to tell myself it would be this: "Live everyday and savor every moment. This is the time in your life that will shape you as a person. Make the most of it."


The most important aspect in choosing the right college to attend is knowing who you are, personality wise. I knew that I did not want to go far away to a school where students primarily went out to party. I also knew that I wanted to be in class sizes that were of medium size. It is also very important to research and compare positives and negatives of living on campus versus off campus. I still live at home while I attend school, and it has been great due to the fact that I am able to save some money. It is key to visit mulitple campuses and speak with various people who work there in order to gain a better understanding and perception of that type of school. Make sure you ask many questions even if they may seem ridiculous and/or pushy, you'll be happy you did. It is important to be happy on a school campus that best describes you. I knew the characterisitcs of schools that I did not want to attend, and I am still happy with my choice of attending a smaller college.


The advice that I would give to potential and future college students and parents is to research all your options before making a decision. Important points to research are business programs, internships departments offered, students, classroom sizes (important!), and professors? interaction with their students. Be sure to choose a college that offers your area of study, and that independent studies are offered. Independent studies are a great way to customize a course for your specific area of study. It is very important to choose a college with smaller classrooms, this will give students more one on one time with professors and develop relationships with them. Professor relationships are important because they will be willing to reach out to their professional connection for students. This will give you a head start on your career.


Really sit down and decide what type of people you enjoy to be around and what kind of people will help you succeed.


Look for the college that suits you. If you want to be a number with not much interaction from your peers and teachers, go to a large university. But, if you do not mind smaller classes where teachers know you by name, and can end up building a friendship with them, choose a small school. These small classes allow for deep discussions and allow for you to get to know your classmates and professors and build lifelong friendships. If you are interested in sports but do not want it to take up your whole life, opt for Division III or even Division II schools. At the Division III level, you can still enjoy your sport, get your school work taken care of, and still have a social life. Plus, just because it isn't D1 school, doesn't mean that it's not competitive. And finally, if you want to stand out, go to a small school where your face will be recognized from everyone on campus, where you enter a building and know the majority of the people in there, where you are comfortable and relaxed. College should feel like home.


Dont be so worried about college and the education part. pay attention to out side of the classroom you learn alot there.


For parents it is key to be supportive of your students no matter where they choose to go. For students go with your gut and pick a school that fits you. And it is always okay to change your mind if the school turns out to nto be what you needed or wainted.


My advice is to the students, since thats the point of view that I have. I would tell any prospective student to really be careful when they weigh out their pro's and con's when looking at a school. Make sure that they address all areas, such as academics, social life, distance from home, setting (rural/urban ect) athletics, and look at them all individually because each of these is so important when it comes to how much you will enjoy where you are and be comfortable, which is a major part of succeeding in school. It is also a strong recommendation to spend some time at the school, many althetic team arrange for prospectives to spend a day and a night on campus, but all students should request this so they can get a feel for the school and not just a memorized speel on their guided tour. Asking to sit in on a class that you will be taking is also a recomendation.


I would advise parents and students to take their time and really take a hard look at all schools they are considering. Be sure to visit each school, possibly more than one time and students should tlk with their parents about what they liked and did not like about each school. To get the full college experience the student needs to go through the process of visiting multiple schools and maybe even visiting some schools even if they are not interested at first because you may end up liking more than you think you would. Every school has great aspects that make that school unique and students should really take their time in considering which school to attend.


Find a school that feels right and try to get away from home, you'll be happy you did.


While it is important to think about what you want from your college and assess it on that basis, don't undervalue your gut feelings. If you analyze why a certain school felt wrong or right, you'll probably find that there are logical reasons for those feelings. Once you're in college, what you get out of it is pretty much equal to what you put in. Even if you feel that your classes are not challenging enough, you can learn by putting in more effort than might be required to pass.


Be open minded and know that the right school is out there, and you will know the minute you step on that campus, that that is where you are meant to be.


I would say to let your son/daughter choose what is right for THEM not for YOU. It is where they are spending the next 4 years of their life. Let them make that important decision. Forcing them to go to a school they don't want to go to causes depression and low work ethic, so let your child be themselves and choose what is right for them.


Attending College is a very important step in your life. Therefore take your time choosing a college or university and start your search early. Attend a college or university that will provide you with the best education you need for your career field. This does not mean picking a college or university that is the best known world wide, but pick a school you will learn best at. I chose Lake Erie College because it was a small school. I was comfortable at a small school, people knew me, the faculty knew me by my name not a number, which made me feel at home. The small campus was not overwhelming for me but inviting for me. Attend a college that best fits you as a person. Once you find the school that best fits you, make sure you get involved and experience new things. Getting involved at your college campus is very important; it provides contacts and great references when applying for jobs after graduating. Also, college gives you so many opportunities such as seeing the world. Take advantage of study tours and studying abroad because you never know when you will be given the opportunity again.


Speak with students of the school you are looking at - DO NOT rely on just the students who are officially "representing" the school for tour or promotional purposes. I wish that I had.


You need to find a college that fits your needs. If you want to get into something and the school doesn't have it then rule that school out. It is very important to find out what the college has to offer. Another thing is financial aid. You need to figure out how much the school costs and how much financial aid you would be able to get. If a school is way out of your budget there is no point in going to that school becuase you cant afford it and there is a good chance you can get just as good if not a better education somewhere else. Another thing you need to look at is location. If you are use to the life in a city it will be more difficult to go out to a country area where there isn't much to do around the campus that doesn't take 30 minutes to drive there. So its best to stay in a more familiar surrounding so you feel more comfortable and can get more accomplished because of it.


Making a college choice is a huge decision in a student's life. This is where they will spend the next few years of their life, so they need to be sure and happy about their choice. To make sure of this, its important to visit the college. Before you go visit, you should browse the school website and find out what you can, and make a list of questions to bring with you on your visti to ask your tour guide, conselor, or anyone else your meeting with. The student should picture themselves as a member of this college and how they will fit in. A college decision cannot be made based on friends or someone else's opinion of the school. The most important thing is wether or not it has the student's major. Then its based on if the student feel is has everything he/she needs in order to be happy and successful (location, clubs/sports, size, ect.) Ofcourse, there is always cost. Ask yourself if a school is worth the amount of money you'll be paying now and in loans for years to come.


There is such a thing as the perfect college out there for everyone. Its just a matter of getting out there and looking through all of them. I was never planning on attending Lake Erie College, I didn't even know it existed until a fellow employee of mine told me about it and I looked it up online. When I went for my first campus visit, the actual president of the college was walking around and introduced himself to me. The college was in simple terms, "nice" to me, which I look highly upon. It is all the matter of, as our collge puts it, "Get in and Stand out.". Find the college that appeals the most to you, try your hardest to get into it, find out about it, don't be afraid to ask questions. When you do get in, make the most of it by becoming involved in the things you love, or may never have tried before. Experiance new things, relive some of your old favorites. Do whatever makes you happy, and do everything you can, make yourself "Stand Out."


One thing I learned about picking colleges is that I should have visited a lot more colleges. Don't visit only a couple schools but different schools (universities, liberal arts, big, small) and if there is a way to spend a night or two there to really experience it, do it! If one is set on playing sports in college, really look into the programs and talk with not only the coaches, but the current players. Even attending a practice can really make one see how much they really would want to follow through with playing at the collegiate level. Living on campus is an experience in itself. The quicker you can be comfortable living with someone new, the quicker fitting in and just having a good time it will be. Going to class daily can boost you one level grade, in most cases. You will get the most out of class if you go everyday and know your teacher. GET INVOLVED! Go to games, volunteer, join clubs. You will never know who you can meet!


When you are choosing a college, make sure you are looking at least more than two colleges because you want to keep your options open. It should be there students decision on where they want to go to college because it is there experience and they need to start making their on decision. Make sure you visit the colleges that you are interest in and when you go on the visits you can ask any question about the school, your major you might be interest in, and how their experience has been at college. To make the most of your college experience is by getting involve in clubs, organizations, sports or intramural sports. You just need to make the best of your college years. You can still have fun while you go to college. College gives you the chance to be free, but also grow and become independent.


Making the most out of your college experience is very important! College is often the most important time of your life. It helps you discover your future and leads you down the right path. To make the most out of your college experience, I advise you to do three simple things. The first one is to get involved with your school. Join a club! You will definitely make new friends and can also maybe make a difference depending on the club you join. The second thing you should do is to fill your course schedule and make the most of your money and tuition. Adding an extra class may stimulate a new interest in you also! The third thing that will help you get the most of your college experience is to focus hard on your schoolwork. You may not want to work hard with your new friends, new clubs, and extra classes, but I promise it will pay off in the end. Just ask me in 4 years when your college is completed and you have friends to last a lifetime and your dream job you have always wanted.


When I was looking for a school to continue my education with I looked at many schools websites. I looked at the majors they offered, the sports available, and I always looked at a photo gallery or two to see what the campus looked like. I have played softball since I was a little girl and always wanted to play at the college level. I went to many tournaments and showcases (softball practices for a big group of girls from all over that college coaches attend to recruit players for their teams). I got recruited by a couple coaches and I really couldn't decide which one to go to. Some offered more financial aid, while others offered me starting positions. After many college visits and long car rides, I found the school I wanted to attend. It had a beautiful campus, it offered my major, and the staff was extremely friendly and eager to meet you. When we first drove onto campus I knew it was the right choice. It's a feeling of being home but away from home. It just feels right!


The advice that I would give to parents and students when selecting a college is to make sure you do your research and find the college that bests interests you and you can actually afford it. I would also recommend students to be involved and social and get to know your fellow classmates. Students also need to be determined to do their best and to try hard.


I would encourage students and parents to look at what a school has to offer instead of the cost. Financial aid is always available, but by making the transition fron a 4 year public school to Lake Erie College was the best decision I could have made. The education is unparalleled. Yes, Lake Erie is much more expensive than my previous school, but it is so much more worth it. Students and parents should find a school where they can stand out. Small schools are also great for developing relationships with professors. Professors at Lake Erie know so much more about students than compared to a 4 year public school. This is very beneficial when applying for jobs after college.