Lake Erie College Top Questions

What's the one thing you wish someone had told you about freshman year?


I wish I knew more about applying for scholarships.


Before I had come to Lake Erie College, I wish I had known more about the different programs offered on campus and I wish I had known more about the student life on campus. I feel like I have learned a lot about these since being in college for a year now, especially about campus life, but I would still like to learn more about the different programs offered on campus so that maybe I could explor more of them as well.


I wish I knew exactly what I wanted to major in before going to any college and I wish my parents would have told me how much I have to pay out of pocket just to go to Lake Erie College.


The knowledge I retained about Lake Erie College seems to be very pleasant. I have not made aquaintance just yet with the intitution but will find out how great the place is in a few short weeks. My advice to anyone who plans to go here is to take a visit and look in detail at its campus and most importantly ask questions! I have a strong feeling that Lake Erie College will licve up to its expectations.


I wish I would of known what the job market would of looked like when I was beginning college.


One thing I wish I knew before coming to this school would be all the clubs and organization involved with the school so that i could apply myself them and get more invloved


I wish I had known how hard it was to be able to add a semester abroad along with having a major and a minor. I will not be able to have that experience, if I want to graduate in the planned four years.


I learned the majority of what I needed to know through oreintations and meetings with my counselour, so I really do not wish I'd known anything.


I had a pretty good understanding of the school before I came here. I wish I knew more people going into my freshman year.


I wish that I had known that my coach wasn't who he portrayed himself to be when I visited the campus. I wish that I had known that college would not be too hard for me because I would have had a lot less anxiety.


I wish someone would have told me about how much the book costed so that I would have been a little more prepared for that bill when purchasing my books.


I wish I had known I would have so much fun at school.


I wish I had known that college is a lot more expensive then I imagined. I wish that by knowing that, that I worked harder in highschool. I found out that writing essays for more scholarships was a lot more important then just working a steady job.


I did not know that this school is very small. Now that i know that only 1300 students go here kind of surprises me. I like going ti this school becuase it suits me very good and i made a great amount of friends here.


When it comes to financial aid, especially in the area of sports, money "promised" is not always guarenteed. Make sure the scholarship is awarded to you before you come. Once you are in at Lake Erie most of the time your scholarship will go to a freshman perspective student.


How expensive it would be.


If you don't play sports or are not interested in joining the sorority/fraternity you will not have many people to hang out with.


I wish I had known how it would be to go to such a small school. It's tough sometimes because everyone knows everything about you all the time.


I wish they I had known that they change the course catalog, the course availability, and the course requirements as often as they do. I wouldn't have put so much effort into making a four year plan if I knew I would have to change it every semester anyway.


I wish I had known that Lake Erie College is on the snow belt! I know that is very trivial, but I get cold really easily, and as an equestrain student I have to do a lot of driving, so during the winter semester I need to factor in about double the transit time to get to the Equestrian center.


That I wouldn't have immediate best friends. Friends have to be made, and I wish I had been more positive frm the beginning.


I wish I had known that people are more than willing to help you with anything you need. I've always been shy and don't like to put myself out there, but everyone is very nice and just as nervous as I am


I wish that I had known that so many classes would have limited offerings, i.e., only offered in the fall, or every other year.


I wish that I was more aware of the limited availability of courses, as well as limited scope of class offerings.


I wish I had known more information about financial aid, and how to deal with loan companies better. It was very difficult to understand a lot of the information about them before coming to college.


What it was like to be in town.


I wish i had known about all the different programs you can become apart of and all the details of what their about.


There is a huge equestrian program.


I wish I had known that the first major I declared was not the best choice for me. I came to Lake Erie College because it was a small liberal arts college that was supposed to have a good pre-vet program. I changed my major my junior year to communications and if I would have known that would happen, I would have chosen another school. I do not feel the communications program here at LEC is very strong and I think they could use some funding to enhance that department.


I really wish I would have known how to balance my time more efficiently between football, work, and school. I also wish I would have known how to better concerve my money for books and other appropriate school supplies. The biggest issue that I wish I could have been more aware of was how expensive this school really is. It is sometime dissappointing as to how high interest rates are for private student loans.


I wish that I had known how the school rated on their general education requirements. Many of them I had taken before and I may have looked at a different school that had harder requirements. I found that this schoold gen. eds. were easy for me to complete. I also wish I had known what it was like to be away from home. It was a bit of a shock to be away from home for the first time 7 hours away. But I got used to it relatively quickly.


I whish i would have not been scared. College scared me and now that im here i know that college is nothing to be scared of as long as you do your work.


I would have liked to known the booklist for the classes I was taking sooner.


I wish I could have done a lot of studying and took Honors and AP course while in High School. I wish I could have go back to high school classes and started participating in class activites,i.e answering and asking questions.


nothing i had a great time there.


I'm not sure if there is anything I wish I knew before I came to Lake Erie. One thing is that being Lake Erie is a small school you will always have people who know your business. If you do something stupid people are going to know and some may give you problems about it , but others won't . I also wish I knew that in order to get contacts you have to make yourself stand out and get involved in your school and community. I found that out my sophmore year when i started getting involved.


I wish I would have been properly advised. I transfered from a 4 year public school, and many of my credits did not transfer. I was also told to take certain classes that I did not particularly need. With Lake Erie College being a small school, many classes are offered once every two years. Because I was not properly advised, I had to independent study many of my classes. I am not comfortable with this because I feel like I am paying my college to teach myself.


How bad the winter seasons are.


How much college actually costs, college costs a lot more than expected and it is difficulty to receive scholarships and grants.


That there is no tuition cap offered to my class.


how difficult it could be to schedule equine classes. It has been a nightmare some semsters.