Lake Forest College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Lake Forest College is an academically, strong liberal arts college with a very diverse international student population. Class sizes are very small which allows a close relationship to the professors in research activities and non-traditional style lectures. Upper classmen are encouraged to pursue filed related internships within the Chicago, Il area and study abroad programs. Lake Forest College provides a culturally and internationally diverse atmosphere where you may build life long friendships.


Lake Forest is best known for their student-to-teacher ratio and proximity to Chicago.


Lake Forest College is best known for being one of the best small Liberal Arts schools in the surrounding Chicago area.


Beautiful campus.


Being close to chicago and learning in the city. Being friendly and having small classes. Having students from over 50 countries throughout the world.


small classrooms, academic work, professors who are accessible and willing to help students


Lake forest is best known for its small size and the close relationships made between students and professors. Every professor either is working on their PHD or already have one. Lake Forest College also prides itself in being a liberal arts college. Even if you are a sience major getting a job will not be an issue because the school encourages students to take classes that do not revovle around their major. They also pride in their location, a five minute walk to Lake Michigan, and a train ride away from Chicago.


A Liberal Arts college.