Lake Forest College Top Questions

What is your overall opinion of this school?








While the professors are easily available, the academics are extremely average. The student body is relatively cliquey and the sports teams seem to be the most selective, as in the cafeteria you sit with your sports team, and that is it. It isn't a particularly welcoming campus and I feel that orientation did a poor job of allowing me to make friends. My orientation group was so small that we ended up combining with another and we still only had about seven people on a good day. This meant that the people I spent all week with was incredibly small and it was hard to branch out and meet other people. While you have the opportunity to go into Chicago very few students do.


Well first, I have to give credit where it is due. The professors are really great at Lake Forest. I feel as though I was challenged and accomplished many difficult things. On the other hand I felt completely ostracized, alone, and very unhappy. I came to the school with an open mind and it was so small and clique-ish that I felt as though I had no one. I went home everyday, and I moved throughout campus three times, on each of the three campus', to see if I could fit in SOMEWHERE. I began to have a very low self confidence and I felt really depressed. I'm normally a happy, upbeat person, who never has problems making friends. It felt like a ghost town and was very very exclusive. I wish I had a better freshman experience. Also, there were no parties, and no one really talked to one another at night. I would wander around the student center all the time at night alone.


It's a small school with classes ranging from 12-25 students. Very broad range of classes, great liberal arts college. Sports are big in the school and the school spirit is phenomenal. Lake forest has a beach 5 minutes away, Mississippi river. One hour away from downtown, Chicago. Some student complaints are that the college is too small and everyone knows each other. The food is great, from Aramark.