Lake Forest College Top Questions

What's the most frustrating thing about your school?


I don't find anything frustrating.


Prior to starting at National-Louis University I wish I was afforded more time to find a classroom placement for my Practicum I, introductory course. Finding an appropriate placement is of the utmost importance to starting off a teaching career right and potentially being forced to settle for a lesser experience could have become necessary if an opportunity did not present itself right away. This was extremely frustrating and unnecessarily stressful.


The small population resembles a high school experience with alot of gossip and rumors.


Don't have many friends because I don't live on campus


The relatively small size and the lack of penetration into the local community. The way the local community and the school function apart.


Lack of academic strength and recognition.


The work load


Remote. Small Town


I'd rather it were better respected/more well-known so as to make a better impression on potential employers. I also don't like the cold winters.


I have not found anything to be frustrating about this school. It has a lot of fun activities, classes and professors that make those classes fun as well.


There no one to talk is a dead campus.


The administration claims to listen to student feedback (through professor evaluations, editorials in the newspapers, etc) but it is extremely hard, if not impossible to change a situation even when a large number of students are pushing for the change.


The most frustrating thing about this school, without a doubt, is the surrounding town. Luckily Chicago is just a train ride away, and many students go to chicago every other weekend. Lake Forest town is a wealthy area, and all of the venues cater to the residents.... However, a J. Crew is moving in, which is great, and there are great take-out options for students. If you want to sit down in a restaurant, your best bet is to take the train a few stops south and check out Highwood.