Lake Forest College Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


All of the opportunities given to us by both alums and the school. We have amazing study abroad programs and internship opportunities. Since we are right outside of Chicago the opportunities are endless.


The financial aid department at this school is really helpful and really does care about the student. I have been to other schools in the past and I have never experienced better, helpful, and professional assistance with financial aid than with Lake Forest College. They truly want to help, they make the financial picture extremeley clear and easy to understand, and the fiancial aid/packages at our school are very helpful and generous. We have great scholarships available because of local wealthy donors and alumni that maintain connections with the school.


The best thing about my school and program is the immediate opportunity to put classroom theory and knowledge into practice. I have the opportunity to spend a minimum of 65 hours in an elementary school observing, interacting, and learning in my first quarter of coursework. The hours will be spread across different classrooms and schools enabling me to maximize the experience. Structuring the program in this manner is exciting to me as I can immediately put knowledge into action. Working in a professional environment is irreplaceable and of the utmost importance to supplement classroom time and build professional experience.


If you want, there's fantastic opportunities to learn inside and outside the classroom. Class sizes are small, allowing for lots of personal attention. There is also a large interational student population providing diverse prospectives on global politics and life in general.


Parties, Near the Beach. Easy School


The small size puts very few limits on your ability to individualize your education experience, giving you lots of opportunity to sign up for classes, talk with teachers, or in my case, switch my major twice, from Econ to Physics and back again, "wasting" a year in terms of major-credits, while still having time to not only graduate on time, but also to double-major and go abroad twice. Everyone is really helpful in accomodating whatever you want to do, as long as you're dedicated and inspired.


Small, personal, friendly and the teachers are helpful.


The surroundings. It is a beautiful campus and the library and other facilities are so nice. I love the people as well!


Personable professors. good programs


No matter who you are or where you come from, you can always find a group of people that you relate to. You feel like you really belong here.