Lake Land College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The people whom I recommend to attend Lake Land College are those who are ready to take the step into a four-year university, have not decided what they want to major in, or those who want to save a little money for when they transfer.


Lake Land is a school for a diverse range of students. The student that should most attend this school are those who are not yet comfortable with the idea of enrolling in a larger school, who may not have the funds to afford a more prestigeous school, as well as those who simply are uncertain as to the educational and career path they may want to pursue. Lake Land is a great testing ground for those who wish to experiment with their skills and aptitudes to see what they may truly wish to pursue.


I really like the convience of attending Lake Land College here in Mattoon and their sub-branch, the Kluthe Center, in Effingham. The classes they offer are pretty decent and really offers alot of opportunity for the advancement of education.

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