Lake Michigan College Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Lake Michigan College is best known for saving money while also getting a great edcucation. People talk about the small class sizes and how that helps you get the one on one attention from each and every teacher. There's not a single instrcutor who is just there because they need a place to teach. They are there because they care about or future and our success in the real world after college.


I love the small classes.


Oregon State University is known for the sciences; such as engineering, biology, microbiology, agriculture etc. We also have a great business school and public health school. We are known for keeping our campus green and have pride for our school. We have a lot of diversity programs and clubs as well as major envolvement from University Housing.


My school is best known for many things but the theatre to me is what stand out most. The name of the theatre is the mendel center. There they have many things from famous performers to plays. A variety of different types of movies to documentaries.