Lake-Sumter State College Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are cooperative and even helping at times if needed. I haven't experienced or witnessed any negative behavior such as bullying or attemps to either intimidate or persuade the professors.


My classmates are dedicated to school. We see eachother as adults and also as individuals. Some are hard working and do care about there futures and others just seem to go through the motions. Some put forth the effort and others just don't care but majority do and thats what i admire.


My classmates at LSCC are very friendly and nice and with the small class sizes everybody gets to know each other and are there for help when needed.


My classmates are all bored, sad and trying to make their lives better by advancing their careers.


The age range of my classmates is very large; from 15 to 50. A lot of my classmates are adults who are going back to school to finish their degree or change careers.