Lake-Sumter State College Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


The kind of person that should attend this school would be a self motivated, ready to learn individual. I say these things because when you get to this college you will not have all of these rules that will try and help you go to school. Now its all up to you to motivate yourself to go to class when you are suppose to go and learn the material you are in school trying to learn.


I think a person who wants to work hard to achieve their goals should attend this school. A person who wants to strive for greatness, and get a great education.


Any person, from the 16 year-old dual-enrolled high school student, to my 19 year-old brother who is good at math but not sure what he wants to do, to myself who has worked a job for many years and is now going to college, to the 50 year-old single mother who needs to go back to school. This school is good for those people like me who may not have much self-confidence in the college department to be able to gain it in a slower-paced, student-friendly environment.


People that enjoy having one on one time with their teacher should definitly attend this school. Since Lake-sumter is such a small school, it has less students, which in turn means the professor will be able to know your name and keep a closer look on your progress.


This is a great school for working adults.


Someone who is dedicated to their school work and looking for small classroom sizes should attend LSCC.


The type of person that should attend this school, is a person that is serious about taking his/her life to the next level educationally and financially. One type of person that sticks out in my mind, is the single mother/father. Some single parents are stuck on a dead-end job with no opportunities for advancement. However, if their education is furthered at the undergraduate or graduate level, then they have a better chance at making the necessary monies to take care of their family, and putting something back for the future of their kids.