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What should every freshman at your school know before they start?


Stop and look around you. You see your friends you have known your entire life, a town you have grown up with all in all its your comfort zone. Now dig, you want to get into social services but what major opens to you all above. Stop thinking Criminal Justice I see you thinking that, CRJ will only limit you to the system remember this. Social Work, yes this program opens so much more to you then Criminal Justice can do. Now walk down to the guidance counselor and actually sit there and talk to them. NO do not mention you have a boyfriend and don't you dare base your decision off him. Think of you, yourself not of others. Also keep in mind money-out of state is LOTS of money, do you want to go into debt? Good now get down there and open up to people about what you are thinking and feeling. Stop keeping all your feelings in!!


Hey Bronson, i advise you to not pick up smoking because it's a really bad habbit that will run you out of money. To succeed in your college career you need to have the will to want to learn, that's how you get the will and motivation you need to pass your classes with A's. Don't get distracted and put the games away. Videogames waste your life away anyway. The people who you think are nerds and geeks are actually the best friends that you could have in college, not because they can help you with your work, but because they keep you out of trouble and they know a whole lot and can tutor you on the subjects you need help with. Work hard in high school so that you can be ahead of the game and not have to waste a lot of money on classes that are not even college courses. Well good luck!


I would have read more in school, even though I did not like it. Reading skills is a must for college. To take advice from teachers is a big one too, because you think you know everything and we don't.