Lake Superior State University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


We have a very diverse group of students at LSSU from athletes to art and drama students. Being such a small school you get to know people of all interests. The students attire varies a great deal with some students who will come to class in a full 3 piece suit and others who will walk in with their slippers and pajamas on. As for where students come from we have a wide range. I would say one thing that sets us apart from other schools would be our Canadian student population. Being so close to Canada we draw in a lot of Canadian students and in turn have the opportunity to learn a lot of there culture as compared with ours.


My classmates are very easy to get along with and are willing to help anyone at anytime.


My classmates are very goal oriented and driven. They give every test, quiz and assignment everything they've got. Many of my classmates have done work on large senior thesis type assignments, which many try very hard to get published. My classmates are social and have lives outside of the class room, but they don't let their social lives get in the way of their long term future goals.


My classmates are diverse and very intelligent individuals who are very goal oriented.


Very environmentally, small town friendly people.


My classmates are always friendly and when ever someone needs help, they are always willing to help out.


Fun to hang out with once you get to know them.


People who are can easily form bonds and are passionate about what they are studying.