Lake Superior State University Top Questions

Describe your favorite campus traditions.


Lake Superior State University is best known for it's Fire Science Program, Criminal Justice Program, and and Wildlife and Fisheries Program.


Lake Superior State University is best known for being a small town university. It is a close-knit community and majority of the people what work at or attend the university are locals. You get a sense of home and comfort at LSSU.


Lake Superior State University is known for their awesome division one hockey team, their small campus, their nursing program, fire science program and their fisheries and wild life programs. They are also known for their banished words list that comes out every year on January first. This list has all of the over used words from the previous year that should no longer be used in the English language.


LSSU is known for the small class sizes and personal relationships between professors and students. Most professors are easy to get ahold of for questions or just for coffee. The campus is small enough that walking between classes is not a problem. Our hockey team is wonderful, currently 4th in our conference.


Our school is best known as an enginnering school, and have a very good success rate at placing those who graduate. My University also is known for small class sizes, and dedicated teachers that don't just focus on their projects, they care about their students, and are always there if you need help about a topic in class.


My school is best known for hockey. Here in the eastern upper peninsula of Michigan, we love our hockey. We might not always be good at it, but it is what we are know for. We are a hockey school through and through forever bleeding gold and blue!


The hockey team.


Hockey, nursing and criminal justice.


Small class sizes, our location right on the border with Canada and many outdoor recreation opportunities.


Small size, hockey, being available to international students (especially Canadian). Beautiful campus, small class sizes, unique location, friendly community, good acedemic programs that are limited in other universities. Being able to get into the nursing program without being on a waiting list.