Lake Superior State University Top Questions

What kind of person should attend this school?


Lake Superior State University is for anyone who enjoys having a lot of personal attention from the staff. This small school makes it easy for a student to find help with anything without much of a hassle and it is guaranteed that by the end of their first semester they will feel like they are among family. The school also tries to give the student as much hands on experience as possible; if a student wants to start their own research project, or work as an intern, the faculty will try their best to place you in a great position.


Someone who wants to attend Lake Superior State University should be someone who appreciates small class sizes, a very small campus and professors who actually know you by name and care about seeing you succeed. They should want to major in something like nursing, criminal justice, biology, fire science, or business, because these majors and programs are what the school is known best for. They should also enjoy knowing most of the students they are in class with, because there are only about 3000 students attending LSSU.


Anyone who attend Lake Superior State shouldn't mind the cold weather or small towns. They should have a love of the outdoors, simply because the most popular majors involve the outdoors and they must be comfortable with being isolated from any cosmopolitan areas.


Anyone could attend this school and do well. It takes all different types of students to make a university what it is.


If you like the outdoors, don't mind the cold, and enjoy small class sizes, Lake State wold be a university for you.


Someone who enjoys the outdoors should most definitely attend Lake Superior State University. There is plenty to do in the surrounding area that does not cost any money. Also, with Canada being located just across the river, it is a great place for photography and sight seeing. LSSU is a tight-knit campus that satisifes students each year. Students that come to this university must love the snow and be able to handle the cold winters!


Someone who is outdoors oriented and sports oriented. You should be outgoing and a people person, as spending time with friends is about the only thing to do in the area.


Someone who does not mind the cold, the wind, and and the blindly conservative