Lake Superior State University Top Questions

What's unique about your campus?


It's a very friendly place to be, all of the staff is wonderfu and happy to be around. The Proffesors are willing to help during office hours or set up a time to meet if you need help or have questions. They have all the amenities you would need on campus, but if your looking for an off campus trip they have a free shuttle to any where in town. Campus is small and every thing is simple to find. I love Lake Superior State and I wouldn't even think about changing schools.


The best thing about my school is the small town atmosphere! I love it when I can walk down a hall and a professor knows me by name and will stop and ask me how my classes are going. I love that I am more than just a number and a face in the crowd. I think that is important in education, you need to feel welcomed and that you belong and Lake Superior State University does that. I fell welcomed all of the time.


I love the small classes. even in the general education classes, which everyone has to take, there are no more than 100 students. This makes it a great learning space, so the professors are more available to help you. Also, we are a very green school. we just gained a new conservation major, which also helps students learn how to minimize their impact on the environment.


LSSU is a small campus with small classes that are taught by the professors. The pofessors are usually more than willing to answer students' questions or help students with any questions they have about their classes or college careers. Students also get into hockey games for free.


crawford hall and everything about it


The best thing about this school is how close to home I am. I can go home to see my family whenever I want, but I am still on my own, and have that feeling of independance.


I love that the school is small and very student oriented. It is a nice change as opposed to the bigger schools who seem to only want to churn out the next batch of students so they can make money. At LSSU you really do get the feeling that your a part of the school and not just another paying customer.


that if you live on campus all the academic buildings are with in 2 minutes walking distance and the same if you live off campus and have comutor parking


It was close to home.