Lakeland Community College Top Questions

What kind of person should not attend this school?


Their is no specific person who should not attend Lakeland Community College, it is a great place of higher education with the goal being to obtain a degree or transfer into a four year college while saving immense amounts of many.


The only people that should not attend this school are people that want to get away from high school and where they grew up. It is a school that is way too close to home for people that want to get away.


The only people who should not attend this school are people who have more much to offer the world, they should find a better school in which they would get noticed from.


Lakeland offers affordable tuition and a good foundation to embark on an educational path; costing far less money than attending a university for four years. Therefore, I would say that the type of person who should not attend this institution would be someone who has little concern over financial matters and budgeting. In terms of programs, Lakeland offers so many diverse programs and fields of study, it's difficult to imagine someone not finding their major at the school.

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