Lakeland University Top Questions

Describe the students at your school.


My classmates are very eager to learn and very dedicated in obtaining their degree. Many come from different cultures and backgrounds. The ages of my classmates also vary from young adulthood to middle age.


Most of them want to learn and encourage me to do the same.


I would say that one of the characteristics that best describes the majority of my classmates is an understanding of the value of education. My classmates take school very seriously. They stay focused during class, complete their homework, and always attend classes. The students at Lakeland appreciate the gift of education that is available to them, and they strive to succeed in the educational environment.


My classmates are very kind and have never had an issue with anyone at Lakeland in the past.


Very nice students and very hard working. My classmates are very helpful and we all have the same goals; to earn a degree at Lakeland. I've not met any student at this campus that was not serious with their education. I enjoy attedning classes with these students.


friendly, hardworking, honest and care about their academic success


They are eager, helpful, willing to pitch in on group projects, courteous, and fun.


The students at Lakeland are very eager to learn and complete their programs of study.


very diverse. very eager to learn about other cultures and experience america. fun.


My classmates are very unique.