Lakeland University Top Questions

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Lakeland College is a smaller school that has an emphasis on community and small classes. They focus on small class sizes and individualized learning experiences that will help a person understand his or herself. The school is smaller but they have a variety of class for many majors and career choice. Lakeland has a diverse community of international students for many foreign countries.


We are small and everyone talks to each other. The whole school is like a big family.


It is small and the professors know your name and are willing to help you. Every faculty member on campus is there to help you.


One attribute that sets Lakeland apart from other schools I have considered is the fact that their teacher to student ratio is very small. Because of this, Lakeland's students receive a lot of specialized attention and help from their professors. It is also very evident that Lakeland's professors enjoy their job and they believe in their students. They give them the tools they need to be successful not only in the classroom, but also for the future!


The BlendEd program makes it accesible for everyone. I am doing my entire degree online.